Brian McAulay

Web Application Expert with over 20 years web development experience covering many and varied industries. Cisco DMP expert for web based CMS player control.


Fully accomplished and experienced web application developer using the latest MS technologies. ASP.NET 1.1 thru 4.5. SQL Server 2000/05/08/12/14 Visual Studio 2008/10/12/13. LINQ, T-SQL, Database design implementation, IIS configuration, DNS configuration.

MVC 5, ASP.NET web forms, Entity framework, WebAPI, Mobile iOS and XCode.

AJAX and Telerik integrations. 3rd Party services integrations. Web services. Mobile services.

Cisco DMP expert and have delivered several corporate and infrastructure projects for web based CMS that fully integrates with the Cisco Digital Media Player range, giving staff and managers full control over content, live cast video and API control over every deployed player in the organisation.


Large corporates & Government


Cisco DMP web site CMS integration. Using ASP.NET web application to manage content, live cast video, external data feeds and DMP API's to fully manage suites of information screens and offer full control over the Cisco hardware via the web based CMS. Some systems required load balancing, redundant web servers and SQL Servers with user accounts managed via LDAP protocols through the remote web server. Cisco standard and JSON/UNIX API's used to configure players to work with the CMS through a custom built player registration system. This allows client's staff to not only manage the content, but also control the players and manage their settings and how they behave on the network.

skills used: Cisco, .NET, Html, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL Server, IIS

James Garley [Site Owner]

This site has existed since 2000. It was pure HTML with no remote updating or daynamic content.

Very large site, considering Luton Town are a small football club playing in the English 2nd Division.

James, the site owner, had made an attempt at converting the site to ASP, but eventually gave up as it became too involved for his little experience as a developer.

Mostly the problem to be solved was to link the players to the match reports, the match reports to the fixture lists and the competions [e.g. FA Cup, League] to the fixtures.

Also, in the old site each match report was occupying a single page, there was something like 60 matches per season and there was 3 seasons worth already there.

My job was to achieve the linked data as above and to make the match reports just one page called from the database.

I was also required to design a search for users to locate players or matches by various search inputs.

I also provided the site owners with a RUD system for editing/updating/adding new players, fixtures and match reports.

This RUD part was the biggest job on the site and is where the site admins now add fixtures, results, players, news and other items.

Some addtions to the site were also made, like the dynamic and updateable news scroller and random quotes.

This job took about 4 weeks to complete and was developed on my own live web server here at my home ofice.

I used Access for the database and stored queries to isolate the SQL from the ASP [three tiered structure] to maintain the proper professional separation into the Data Services, Business Services and Client Services.

Javascript was used througout both the client site and the admin pages to maintain data integrity, and further checks are made in the business services layer for erroneous inputs.

A big job on a big site, but I found it immensely satisfying to do, especially with my own interest in football.

skills used: Javascript, SQL, Html, ASP, Database

Newstel Information Ltd

This site already existed but had suffered from the involvement of many and various developers over the years. It also had no remote admin updating, any updates had to be done inside Newstel's premises using an Access/VB application.

Started the whole site from scratch again from the SQL database up.

I did all the information gathering from the clients/admin/journalists who maintained the site.

Created a new SQL database and data structure. The information on the site is shared across multi channel [Phone, Fax, TXT, SMS] and had to interact with these systems properly too.

Also, the site database is fed from incoming resources such as satellite image producers, weather reports and snow and ski conditions world wide.

All of this was managed in IIS and SQL.

The site also sent information to external clients who purchased the snow reports and other information gathered by Newstel.

The site was built on a robust yet easy to maintain database in SQL Server 7.

ASP was used throughout the site for both client and the admin centre.

I created a new RUD [Remote Update] site which now enables external journalists and reporters to add live information to the site.

I also later added a holiday search engine and random display for them.

The weather reports come straight into the site from a UK provider and are written to the SQL tables 4 times a day.

This was an enormous job, taking 6 months from beginning to the launch of the new site.

I was the only developer on the site as Newstel felt the previous site had suffered by many hands working on it over the years.

This is probably my biggest single project to date, and one that was to provide many challenges and the ultimate satisfaction for me as a professional developer.

See also and which were the other projetcs I collaborated on whilst working for Newstel Ltd.

skills used: Javascript, SQL, Html, E-Commerce, ASP, Database

Self Project

Full back end development and statistical reporting. Client registration system and auto email built in to client pages.

Hosted on my own web server in my home office.

Utilises SQL server 7, ASP and client scripting. Stored procedures used throughout.

Full admin centre for the staff to post news, replays, download and upload corresponding images.

I am also the editor in chief and responsible for content management and site direction.

skills used: Editing, Javascript, SQL, Html, ASP, Database

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Within Scotland.
Can telecommute.

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