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Web accessibility consultant

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I am a professional web accessibility consultant. I advise on how to make websites accessible to disabled people, including changes required to comply with legal requirements. I audit websites according to the international WCAG 2.0 standards for web accessibility. Some of the websites I have advised on are for major UK and US banks, a large travel operator and others, including sites based in the UK, the US, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia.

My work is backed by a long previous experience as web developer (specialising in responsive development) and, before that, as computer analyst/programmer. Usually working as an IT contractor I have worked for companies like English Heritage, Virgin Media, Dunn and Bradstreet, and many others.

Most of my work has been for various companies in the insurance and financial services industries. So I understand business and finance, and can bring a professional and trained approach to your project. I have worked for businesses both large and small.

I am also a writer and author, with two books nearly completed, one a science book (in the biological field) for the general public, and the other a humorous commentary on the world of driving.

You can see my technical blog for accessibility consultants and web developers at, and I often comment on the WebAIM discussion forums and on the IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals), of which I am a member.

My skills are:

- in accessibilty: WCAG 2.0, ARIA, website auditing and testing, consultancy advice

- in web development: HTML/XHTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Responsive design

- in traditional programming: C/C++, Oracle SQL, Cobol

- other skills: writing and technical authoring

I am based in Newbury in Berkshire, but I can take on remote work across the UK and Europe.



I worked for a year as an Accessibility Consultant with AbilityNet, who are one of the foremost accessibility consultancies in the UK. My role was doing website accessibility audits for compliance with the WCAG, and providing advice and consultancy. My clients included three major UK and US banks, a national travel agency, a major telecomms supplier, and others. (Details available on request.) I also provided training and advice to other consultants.

skills used: Accessibility, Html, CSS, Consultancy, WRITING, Training, Software Testing

English Heritage

I worked on this site December 2014 to February 2015 as part of a project to make this site Responsive (i.e. tailored to run on all sizes of screen, mobiles, tablets, and desk tops). I used HTML5, extensive CSS3, jQuery, and Foundation 5. My work can be seen at, in the main content of the home page and on various other pages as listed on my CV.

skills used: Html, CSS, JavaScript

The Enigmatic Web

This is my own personal blog for the web accessibility and development communities. I write occasionally about matters not often covered in other artilcles and sites.

skills used: Html, Accessibility, Content Writing, CSS, Consultancy

WebDev World

Created several pages as a marketing intro that are live now. Used Responsive design, and "Flat Design" techniques.

skills used: Html, CSS, PHP

Virgin Media

Internal intranet

I completed two 3 month contracts for Virgin Media, working on an intranet that monitors and controls their telephone exchanges around the UK. It involved working in XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

skills used: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery

Data Protection Online

I designed and wrote this interactive online course in Data Protection. (The second half of the course is not yet finished, but you can see the completed first half at the above Url.) It uses JavaScript and jQuery for the interactive elements of the course pages. The front end was written using up-to-date HTML5 and CSS3.

skills used: JavaScript, XHTML, CSS

About London

I designed and wrote this web site completely, and still do the maintenance for it. It has been running for several years now. Good user experience was the goal here, from the outset. It allows businesses to enter a line of information about what their business actually does. This is very different to most other similar directories that simply indicate what category of business the company belongs to. For instance, if you want a car repair garage for an engine repair, you don't want to have to sift through loads of body repair garages! The other unusual feature was to list the details of all businesses of one type on a single page, so the user does not have to click back and forth for each directory entry.

skills used: PHP, MySql, Html, CSS, JavaScript

Shopping Offers Alert

I designed and programmed the site. Although this site was later discontinued for financial reasons, you can still view it online.

skills used: PHP, MySql, CSS, Html, JavaScript

Berkshire Express

Sister site to the above London site, built using the same technologies. Owned by Goldwater Systems Ltd.

skills used: Html, PHP, CSS, MySql

Work Flexibility

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Within Thatcham.
Within Berkshire.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

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