Gorea Grigoras Emil

Biomedical Engineer

Email me - grig.techgenium.ro - LinkedIn


Hi, I graduated Biomedical Engineering Faculty, specialized in Bioinstrumentation. This covers lots of areas like programming microcontrollers, programming in c and c++, electronics and so on, so I have knowledge in these fields. I have improved my assembler knowledge while hired, yes, Arduino is a nice toy for me, I am good at microchip and atmel, best on 8 bit microcontrollers.
Also I studied wordpress and a bit of HTML5, css, php and js after graduation and built sites while working in a company. I already knew to work with databases (e.g. mysql) from faculty and from one of my past jobs where I worked on a database software: DBArtisan.
As for translation, I did freelancing for a company in Romania translating user manuals, medical documentation, etc. Also I would like to present to you my book I wrote: A wolf's diary, it was supposed to be a trilogy but I got out of time and ideas.




Team Leader, acquisition, data centralization, programming coordinator, PCB designer

skills used: Assembler, excel, Testing, Technical writing, Training, Translating

Embarcadero Technologies


Quality Assurance Engineer for DBArtisan

skills used: MySql, SQL, DB2, Software Testing

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Bistrita.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract