Kerry Browne

Illustration/Surface Pattern Design


I am a versatile designer, offering a wide range of skills including hand painting, drawing, repeat patterns and drawing in Photoshop/Illustrator, and renovation of old patterns/ images. I have worked with many high street retailers and heritage brands such as The National Trust, V&A Museum, Kew Gardens, TOPSHOP, Miss Selfridge and many more. My passion is designing be it wallpaper, ceramics, fabrics, you name it I love it!


Posted by Phillippa Green (Licensing Director), Branded Up Ltd

Written testimonial:
Kerry produced a wealth of beautiful, creative and commercial patterns for the licensed ceramic ranges I was working on in my previous role. She delivered high quality work quickly, was always professional, courteous, a pleasure to work with and open to adapt her work to meet the changing demands of her clients. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Kerry again and I look forward to the day when the opportunity to do so presents itself.



I created this blanket scarf for Topshop whilst working for a supplier- it sold out and was produced in 2 colours.

skills used: Illustrator


Working for a local supplier I designed the prints for ladies scarves for many high street retailers- Topshop being a big client. I produced the scarf on the link above which was rated 5/5 stars.

skills used: Photoshop

Creative Tops

Whilst employed by created tops I created many mug designs including the below designs which are on the link above- The Wild Rabbit, Phesant, fox and Stag mugs Checked Dashund mug Kew Lavender mugs V&A Tile mugs V&A Berners rose mug

skills used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightwave 3D

V&A Museum

Creating a ceramic range of jugs, bowls, mugs and plates from old existing patterns from the V&A Museum. Keeping the patterns to their true likeness and giving then a new look on modern shapes and a clean background.

skills used: Photoshop, Lightwave 3D

V&A Museum

I created this range by using old fabrics from the V&A archive and renovating the patterns into fresh, up to date designs- placing them on a funky tea set.

skills used: Illustrator, Photoshop

The National Trust

I work closely with The National Trust creating ceramic ranges for the kitchen. Hand painting and using Photoshop and Illustrator creating new fresh ranges. Also using Lightwave to created 3D visuals for kitchenware.

skills used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightwave 3D, Branding

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Within Oakham.
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Within United Kingdom.
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