Hatim Hussain Taj


ISADEX Corporation


Data driven rental property website developed for ISADEX Corporation, US. RentQuest.com is an advertising-based web site where US-based renters can research and interact with property managers during their search for rental housing.
* Implemented several new features aimed at improving the revenue model. Fixed several bugs in existing code.
* Implemented feature to display featured home page listings on rotational basis.
* Implemented feature to verify email ids of users registering.
* Wrote routines to safeguard the site from possible SQL Injections.

skills used: Javascript, ASP, SQL Server 2000

David Stanley Redfern Ltd


Comprehensive online corporate identity site and partner-collaboration system developed for David Stanley Redfern Ltd, a leading UK-based overseas property investment company. Below is a select list of features developed in this solution:

* Property listing website
* Google Earth and Google Maps in order to geocode and display satellite imagery and interactive maps for various property developments
* RSS feed, URL Remapping, meta data, email notification features in the site
* User section where users can manage their saved searches and other customized details
* Web crawler to scrape and import data from other sites
* XML feeds to export data to partner portals
* Window utility to process outlook mails, extract relevant information for database insertion.
* A global client database concept is also included where all the property enquiries from different portals are processed and stored in database.

skills used: Javascript, C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000

Large commercial bank in US


Web-based CRM-support system developed for one of the largest commercial banks in the US, with assets in excess of $10 billion. This long-term, multi-phased project was aimed at managing customer feedback and grievances, thus resulting in improved service and better customer experience. Also included several auxiliary modules and features. Having audience size of several thousand users across hundreds of geographical locations. Deployed on IIS 6.0, running on MS Windows 2003 Server with MS SQL Server 2000 backend; Active Directory Services used for role-based security. Data access, security and exception management implemented through separate layers. User tier comprised an ASP.NET intranet application, a windows service and 2 console applications. Prepared the Technical Specifications document, database and component design, developed majority of code components, offered real-time support during UAT and managed on-time delivery. Offered architectural and process improvement inputs that were much appreciated.

skills used: Dhtml, Javascript, C#, Database, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000

Provider of prepaid card solutions


Online payment solution developed for UK-based leading global provider of prepaid, stored value card solutions, having subsidiaries in North and Latin America. Developed critical code modules, solved complex technical issues and challenges, directed development team. Developed in .NET 2.0, this system comprises a web interface, windows service component for intercepting SMS messages and third party validation routines. Backend implemented on MS SQL Server 2005. Deployed on web farm for high availability load balancing.

skills used: C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000

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