Herve Boinay


Hervé Boinay
Senior Graphic Designer – Print and Web

London – United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0)20 3069 8096 - Mobile: +44 (0)788 306 5859
Email: hboinay@gmail.com


Senior creative position in the media industry (design studios, advertising agencies, magazines and newspapers, publishing, PR...) or any other sector where communication is involved.
Freelance rates: £250 per day, also negotiable on a per project basis.
Would consider a permanent position with salary to discuss.
Working from home in Central London, I am fully equipped with all the required hardware and software, and a 20Mb broadband connection.


 Over 26 years experience in all aspects of Graphic Design: magazine and newspapers design, web design, banner design, logo design, corporate identity, branding, brochures and collaterals, advertising, packaging, POS, etc.
 Expert knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Flash (Adobe CS5)
 Master in the art of turning a blank page or screen into an outstanding design with attractive typography and iconography
 Attention to detail and to getting the right balance between headlines, text, spaces and images in order to produce an eye-catching, agreeable and easily readable, user-friendly layout
 Imaginative creativity allied to a rigorous, state-of-the-art technique and the ability to work within a team as well as on my own
 Fast turnaround without ever compromising on the quality of my work
 Always keeping updated to new software, tools and trends
 Sense of initiative allowing me to swiftly adapt and react to any new or unexpected situation
 Excellent at taking clients' briefs and understanding their needs, often delivering beyond their expectations
 Efficient in problem solving and troubleshooting, with a perfect knowledge of production processes from taking client’s brief through to completion
 Always keen on going the extra mile whenever needed in order to achieve perfection and meet the often tight deadlines


26 years as a graphic designer, including 12 years of web design.

June 2005 to date – Freelance Designer – Various clients, including:
Undisclosed company (confidential): I have designed marketing material for this cinema production company, including a 24-page luxury brochure helping them in raising new funds to finance their existing and upcoming film productions.
Raconteur Media Ltd: I have produced in excess of 70 special reports published in The Times and in The Sunday Times for this company during the last two years, including all aspects of the production process from image sourcing to designing pages, graphics and preparing print-ready high-resolution pdfs. I am also involved in the maintenance and updating of their website as well as in the production of their collateral communication.
New Zealand News Ltd: I have been working for New Zealand News Ltd where I was in charge with the design and production of their bi-monthly publication ‘New Zealand Inspired’, a glossy magazine aimed at the Kiwi expatriate community as well as at any audience interested in New Zealand current affairs, culture and business opportunities.
Pageant Media Ltd: I have also been working as a freelance design editor for HFMWeek in charge with the layout and production of this weekly magazine published by Pageant Media and aimed at the market of hedge fund managers. I was involved in the revamp of this magazine back in February 2006 and since then successfully brought new graphic ideas to make it a top seller in this ‘niche’ market.
I also regularly supplied design and production of advertising, brochures, reports, collateral, POS, banners etc. for this magazine as well as for Pageant Media’s other publications like eGaming Review (a trade magazine covering the online gaming and betting industry), Captive Review (insurance) or departments (PR, events, conferences etc.).

June 2000 to May 2005 – Art Director, Head Designer and Picture Editor – Photoshot Holdings Ltd
As an Art Director for Hotshoe Magazine (a photographic magazine published by World Illustrated Ltd, a branch of Photoshot Holdings Ltd), I was in charge with the re-design, lay-out, subbing, proofreading and production of the magazine through to ready-to-print pdf files, as well as liaising with contributors (photographers, journalists, advertisers etc.).
I was also the Head Designer of Photoshot Holdings Ltd in charge with the design and production of their branches' brochures, advertising, exhibition stands, websites, collaterals, logos and corporate branding.
At the same time I was working as a Picture Editor for UPPA, the photographic news agency of Photoshot Holdings Ltd, and was responsible for retrieving, colour-correcting and retouching, captioning, referencing and distributing to our clients through ISDN and FTP the images sent by our photographers from various events as well as from our partner agencies and freelance photographers around the world.
I have also been involved in recruiting and training staff, and some IT maintenance and troubleshooting.

April 2000 to May 2000 – Freelance Web Designer – Fi System
During this 2 months contract with Fi System (one of the top five French web consultancies at that time), I have been working on projects for Credit Lyonnais and Appianet (an online Art Library). I was in charge with the design and development of their websites.

March 1999 to March 2000 – Art Director – Groupe Car Equipement
As an Art Director for GCE (a French distributor of automotive and tuning accessories) I was in charge with their corporate branding, photoshoots, design and production of their brochures, catalogues, advertising, logos, packaging, POS, collateral, website, etc.

November 1998 to February 1999 – Freelance Graphic Designer – Sepcom, Edimeta
Working as a contractor for the publisher Sepcom, I have contributed to the design and layout of 'PC Magazine' and have also been hired to entirely design and produce on my own the y2k-bug related special issue of their other title 'Programmez'.
I have also been hired by Edimeta (a company manufacturing office and industry supplies) to redesign their catalogue and produce their 2000 issue.

October 1994 to October 1998 – Head Designer – Studio Baylaucq
Reporting to Nathalie Baylaucq, the Art Director and CEO of this famous graphic design studio in Paris, I have been working on major revamp and design projects for leading French and international newspapers and magazines such as: Le Monde, Le Temps, La Libre Belgique, La Tribune, InfoMatin, La Croix, Le Quotidien Calédonien, Marianne, Stratégies, L’Histoire, Science et Vie, Courrier International... through to production of on-site dummy issues, implementation of the new layout and templates into their system and training their staff. I have also designed and developed the first version of letemps.ch, the website of the Swiss newspaper Le Temps.
Other projects I have been working on included magazines, brochures, collaterals, corporate branding, logo design, advertising, packaging, POS, CD/Video leaflets and covers, etc. for top companies such as L'Oreal, Lancôme, Lancaster, LVMH, Jacques Fath, Polygram, Warner, France Television, EDF and many more...
I have also designed and produced luxury and art books, portfolios, exhibition catalogues, book covers... for various other clients, as well as Movie trailers and TV layout mainly for L’Equipe TV (the leading French sports TV channel) and Ima Films (a cinema production company).

September 1993 to September 1994 – Graphic Designer – McCann-Erickson and DDB
Contracting for these 2 top Agencies, I have been working on the design and production of major advertising campaigns for clients and brands such as L'Oreal, Esso, TF1, Martini, Opel (General Motors), Renault, Hippopotamus, Buitoni, Coca-Cola, Europcar-InterRent, UPS, etc.

October 1991 to August 1993 – Phototypesetter, Creative Artworker and Team Leader – Sophotyp
Design and production of all kind of documents (national press, advertising, publishing) with traditional hardware (Agfa-Compugraphic), film printing, proofreading.
Main clients: Le Figaro, Les Trois Quartiers, Madelios, Dapper Museum, Studio Baylaucq
Successful learning of upcoming publishing hardware and software (Apple McIntosh, Quark Xpress, Illustrator, Photoshop...) and training other staff to them.

July 1989 to September 1991 – Graphic Designer – Contractor
During that period I worked as a contractor Graphic Designer for different companies from various sectors (printing, publishing, design studios, advertising agencies, magazines and newspapers...).
These experiences allowed me to improve my existing skills, acquire new ones, experiment new environments and methods of working and to be aware of the graphic industry as a whole.

June 1987 to June 1989 – Head Designer – Parfrance 2
My role in this top French Recruitment Consultancy was to design through to completion job offers and advertising campaigns for major industry players (Valeo, Matra, IBM, Dassault, EDF, France Telecom etc.) published in national newspapers and magazines, using traditional tools (Linotype, darkroom, hand-made layout and artwork). I also redesigned the logo and corporate branding of the agency.

March 1986 to May 1987 – Creative Artworker – Renomee Quadrifolio
Design, layout and artwork of fashion magazines (Beauté Black, Coiffure de Paris) and video-covers using traditional tools (Compugraphic, darkroom, hand-made artwork).
I have also been commissioned to do a photo reportage in New York City (July 1986) which has been published in "Beauté Black", a magazine targeted at the French black communities.

March 1985 to February 1986 – Trainee Phototypesetter – Ogerault Arts Graphiques
I started my career with a 1 year contract in this company training to graphic design and production using traditional tools (Compugraphic Phototypesetter, darkroom, hand-made layout and artwork).
The projects I have worked on were mainly travel brochures, sports and nature magazines and government publications.

(Due to the ever evolving nature of the internet, some of these websites may not be available online anymore)



Basic 3D knowledge: training on Softimage3D in 1997.
Languages: fluent French and English.
Basic knowledge of German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.
Education: French Baccalauréat D in 1983 (A level Sciences)


Travel, Reading, Music, News & Politics, History, Science, Art, Photography, Architecture, Space & Aviation, Learning Languages, Cinema, Television, Socialising, Backgammon, Games, Online Trading.

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Would temporarily relocate.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract