James Browning

Freelance Web Developer based in Brighton, UK


With over 8 years experience in Web Development, James Browning has the skillset and creative flair needed to build custom and powerful websites for a range of clients. His main principles are writing modular code, designing a great user experience, and building powerful data-driven sites.

After fours years in China, James moved to Melbourne seeking to work solely on his freelance business in a whole new territory. Due to the popularity of WordPress in this area, he developed his PHP and MySQL skills and was soon taking on new clients at a fast rate. 1 year later, James moved back to the UK and settled in the Brighton area, and took on the role of Senior Web Developer at a highly regarded college. He transformed their intranet (based on SharePoint) and developed many new and exciting features to show and manipulate student data.

For the last two years, James has been working on many projects and built upon his programming skills, particulary in ASP.NET and SQL Server. With expertise in front and back end web development, James is now looking at some of the newer web technologies, such as Angular and Node.js. His thirst for learning has not dried up, and is always looking for the next challenge.


International Butler Academy


Designed and developed the entire website which includes a CMS and is also bi-lingual.

skills used: jQuery, javascript , PHP, MySql, Html, Wordpress

Image Edge


Designed and developed the entire website for a corporate photography company in China.

skills used: CSS, jQuery, javascript , Photoshop, PHP, Html

RJ Arborticultural Services


Took on the project of creating a website for a local small business. Was sent over some content and was asked to design and develp a website which would also have a CMS to allow him to easily update the content.

skills used: CSS, Html, PHP, Wordpress, jQuery, javascript

Creator Solution


Designed and developed the entire website. For a creative events company in China, I was hired to create a website which matched their brand and deliver a clean UX.

skills used: Html, CSS, javascript , jQuery, Illustrator, Photoshop

Gudee Car Hire


Designed and developed the entire website from scratch.

skills used: jQuery, javascript , Html, CSS

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

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