Jay Sen

Full Stack Web Developer


I program, develop and manage front-end and back-end web systems in London. I provide contemporary styling, and fast, reliable and secure functionality programming in; HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap & WordPress.

I am especially proficient at producing Secure E-commerce Sites and their back-end admin areas where site owners can manage all facets of their site, including:
mailing list subscription facility
mailing list group mailout facility with rich text
adding new products, descriptions, prices and images
changing and updating products, descriptions, prices and images
adding or altering product categories
reviewing stock levels as stock is depleted through client orders
adding to stock
seeing what site-calculated revenue levels are
generating promo-codes for customer discounts
reviewing orders and an order status facility including special instructions from clients
dispatching orders

I can also build the following for any website:
Image Galleries, Carousels, Sliders and Lightboxes
These allow you to showcase as many photos or albums as you want – even directly from hosting sites such as photobucket and flickr.

SSL https:// Secure Portals
With these you can securely log-in and update your website content yourself and at your convenience.

Normalised phpMyAdmin Database Design
Information and data that your site needs or acquires can be encrypted and stored in a database for your access or for your sites use.

Google Profile Registration & Search Engine Optimisation
This will allow your website to score highly in search engine criteria, earning your site greater visibility.

Social Media Buttons and Plugins
With these your site users can quickly share your site or site content over Facebook, Twitter or PInterest etc without having to navigate away from your page!

Optimisation for Mobile Devices
I use Bootstrap CSS to ensure that your site is easily readable and navigated on a mobile or tablet platform. 80% of webtraffic is mobile!

Domain Registration & Email services
.co.uk, .com, .org, whatever you prefer with upto 25 email accounts that you can access from wherever you are.

Web Payment Portals and Gateways
I build sites that work over secure encrypted connections where your clients can securely enter their card details and pay an invoice due to you or your company. Payments are processed on-site through authorised merchants and customer card details never touch either my or your server.­


Mining & Exploration Company Ltd.


This was made for a fictitious company called Mining & Exploration Company Ltd. It has great reproducibility on all platforms and web browsers and looks especially appealing on mobile phones. It features a live share price feed, a contact-us form that allows you to CC yourself and a variety of news, project and presentation items which can be downloaded at a click of a button. Strong javascript validation prevents unscrupulous bots from manipulating forms on the site which protects the sites database and greatly improves user-experience. It was built using the Twitter Bootstrap Framework.

skills used: JavaScript, jQuery, MySql, PHP, Photoshop, Html, Database

AgriMin Ltd.


A sample business website built using WordPress. It features a great responsive template, a blog, staff background information and log-in log-out functionality. It has a contact form which sends an enquiry email to the company and a google map to to illustrate the office location. The website also also displays a live feed on the company and competitor share price. Being a WordPress site, it has excellent optimisation for mobile and tablet devices.

skills used: Wordpress, Html



J’Maker is a company that produces fine West-Indian gourmet fusion food. The company is based in London, and due to the increasing demand for their products, they decided to sell online. This E-Commerce site comes with a streamlined mobile optimised platform for An e-commerce website which sells food built using the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. Using the back-end, the owner can; view a breakdown of all customer orders and order details create or edit products, product categories and their images generate coupon codes for discounts monitor product stock inventory as it changes as a result of client orders send multiple dispatch notification emails to customers change 3 different classes of fonts on the shop page change the shop page background colour change the website slogan/tag-line on the shop landing-page send rich format emails to her mailing-list subscribers. This website has has an integrated safe and secure payment solution with a 256bit encryption level. Users can therefore pay on the website itself securely without having to navigate to a merchant website.

skills used: Html, Photoshop, MySql

Excel Business Ltd.


A sample business website built using the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. It discusses their business activities, business interests, members of staff and contact details. It features a great responsive layout, log-in log-out functionality and a blog showcasing the business projects which members of the site can comment on.

skills used: Html, PHP

Organic Food Inc.


A sample e-commerce website build using WordPress. It sells fresh food uses the Stripe payment plug-in and allows users to register accounts if they wish.

skills used: Wordpress

Portfolio Development


This is a site I developed to showcase strong log-in / log-out / password-recover processes. The site also has strong Javascript validation procedures to ensure correctly entered data is collected from users. This ensures that the site-user's time is used optimally and your database contains no NULL or incorrectly entered data. Once you log-in, you are able to fully update or change your profile information. Please register on the website to try it out, or contact me for a log-in account.

skills used: CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySql, JavaScript, Html

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within London.
Would temporarily relocate.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract