JcFx Limited

Experienced Web Architect and Developer Specialising in Cloud Services and Rich Internet Applications with Adobe and Microsoft Technologies, and Web Standards.


I'm an experienced web architect and developer, specializing in Cloud Services and advanced Rich Internet Applications. My end clients include a number of blue chips: Microsoft, Samsung, BP, Honda, E-On, Siemens, L'Oreal, Visa, Disney, Diageo, Waitrose, Manpower, and others.

Non-profits and public sector entities using my software include the Stroke Association, Barnardo's, the Citizen's Advice Bureau, the Massachusetts Hospital Association, and the NHS. I also provide white-label services to a number of top UK and US agencies, including Purple Frog, Cheil, MCBD, and Magnetik NYC.

My primary focus is as a Microsoft .NET developer working with the framework since the original 1.0 beta. I prefer to work in C#, but can also program VB.Net if required, and I'm comfortable working with any framework version from 2.0 to 4.5, as well as with the latest developments in Asp.Net AJAX and MVC.

Recently, I have been specializing in server-side technologies to enable a cloud service architecture, such as WCF and the Windows Workflow and Identity Foundations, as well as programming and deploying applications for the Windows Azure cloud platform using both REST and SOAP.

A second focus is as an Adobe Flash/Flex developer and design builder, working with the platform since F5 and AS1 and now working exclusively with OOP Flash and Flex AS3, targeting F8-F13 and Adobe AIR for the desktop or a range of devices.

In addition, I do databases, principally MS-SQL, including stored procedures and advanced functions, and have the normal range of web/programming capabilities: (X)HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX including JQuery and JSON as well as libraries such as backbone.js and knockout.js, the XML family of languages including XPATH and XSL(T) and Microsoft Silverlight and WPF programming.

Like everyone else, I'm making the transition from XHTML to HTML5, and I can advise on the best strategies for coping with this imminent shift in the web's fundamentals.

Third-party APIs I have worked with include Facebook, Twitter, Bit.ly, Windows Live, and Google Maps.

Given a fixed brief, which I can help develop, I usually provide competitive fixed-price bids. I work out of my own office, so please (recruiters) don't contact me with any more offers of on-site positions. If the scope of a project warrants it, I can make meetings anywhere in Europe with sufficient notice and travel expenses covered. otherwise I am constantly available via email, Skype messenger, and phone.


Stack Overflow


I came late to Stack Overflow, but am steadily building a reputation there, asking and answering questions with a focus on C#, WCF, Windows Azure, ActionScript, and more.

skills used: Actionscript, C#, Windows

Prinkk Web DTP Site


This is a family of online Desktop Print sites.(Please email me for a guest login to review site functionality). The site is built around an advanced Flex-based editing component - in fact the most accurate text-editing tool online today - supported by a suite of Flash / .NET asset galleries and template management tools, as well as custom print-ready PDF generation, an advanced print-pricing tool and a secure eCommerce connection. I was responsible for all elements of architecture, programming, and deployment of both the Editor and the supporting site, as well as for rendering designs provided by a 3rd party. Note the skinned variants of this site: http://strokeassociation.prinkk.com http://cab.prinkk.com etc.

skills used: ASP.Net, SQL Server, Actionscript, Flash, Html, CSS, JavaScript, IIS, XML, Other

Honda Europe


Their flagship virtual learning environment. (This is just a test deployment). This Flash and XML based VLE provides a pluggable, extensible framework for learning modules, and integrates with a proprietary Java back end using a SCORM-aware communication model. I provided all the architecture, build and implementation for the Flash and XML components, as well as programming integration with the existing Java back end. Other agencies provided the visual design and created the learning content.

skills used: Actionscript, Flash, ASP.Net, XML

Future Learn


A small HTML5 app for a major London agency and FutureLearn, using the latest in HTML5 + CSS3 + TypeScript + Jquery, targeting a range of desktop and mobile platforms, for traditional mouse/keyboard and touch. This is a staging deployment, and may have one or two bugs that were fixed before going live.

skills used: Html, JavaScript, Jquery, CSS



A small HTML5 advert in the Economist for a major London agency, using the latest in HTML5 + CSS3 + TypeScript + Jquery, targeting a range of desktop and mobile platforms, for traditional mouse/keyboard and touch. This is a staging deployment, and may have one or two bugs that were fixed before going live.

skills used: Html, JavaScript, Jquery, CSS

Coeliac Society UK


A proprietary Flash CMS allowing this presentation to be localised for twenty European markets. I provided all architecture, build and implementation for both the Flash front end and the server-side .NET code, as well as building a number of the more complex learning modules. All design work was supplied by the agency.

skills used: Actionscript, ASP.Net, XML, SQL Server

TalentStream UK


This is a set of four linked sites, all in .NET 4.0, with a common administrative back end. Functionality includes: standard CMS, integrated messaging, document upload, custom PDF generation, secure Barclays ePDQ eCommerce. I was responsible for all architecture, programming and deployment of this site. Designs were by the Agency involved. Note the additional linked sites http://www.endboringpresentations.com/ and http://www.standmagic.co.uk/ which share the same code-base and back end but are individually skinned.

skills used: ASP.Net, SQL Server, CSS, JavaScript, Html, E-Commerce

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