Jo Slater



Born into the family design agency, i have a lifetime of experience in the industry and am highly skilled and up to date in the adobe creative suite.

My Photoshop skills include:
- Photo manipulation
- Exposure & white balance adjustments
- Colour correction, toning
- Color changes
- Cleaning up reflective surfaces
- Photo restoration
- Removing and replacing items
- Cut onto white backgrounds
- Background replacement/removal
- RAW conversion to final manipulations.
- Beauty Retouch
- Blemish removal

My specialty and passion over the past 5 years has become retouching. I have food photography/retouching experience with a few major uk brands. I decided to turn my passion into a new challenge and use my spare time working freelance to strengthen my portfolio

I am very laid back and easy to work with, i pride myself in my ability to organise, be efficient and pay close attention to detail.

I am proficient with the following graphic packages:
- Adobe Photoshop CC
- Adobe Illustrator CC
- Adobe Premiere CC
- Adobe After Effects CC
- Cinema 4D

Please get in touch to hear more about my portfolio or if you feel i would be suited to helping out with your projects.

Jo Slater

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Southport.
Within Lancashire.
Within United Kingdom.
Would permanently relocate.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract