Software Developer: 3 years, C++/Visual C++/Visual Basic/Database, Master of Science (=British Bachelor (Honours)) in Maths - Secondary subject: Statistics



I coded 1.5 years a mail and data software for TETRA network. I was responsible for coding the whole software. I coded an ActiveX control to handle the TETRA network in and out communication functionalities. ActiveX control communication part was coded using Nokia's CIS TETRA interface library.

skills used: C++, C, Visual C++


I was coding a operation control system software for waste company using Visual Basic, data grid and Oracle. I was involved for this project for about 10 months. I was in a developer team which did all the basic controls used in this project. For example a grid control and database controls. I did the frames for this software system.

skills used: VB, SQL, Database, Oracle


I was coding a software which is used to control the transfer of containers in a harbour area. I was responsible for programming the graphics and interface part of the program using C/C++, DJGPP and allegro graphics interface. This job included designing and coding all the graphic functions: the logic of graphics and all the functions needed to do the graphics.

skills used: C++, C, Maths, Visual C++


I was the main coder for our mail client software "SMail" for 18 months. It is used mainly in trucks and its aim was to be as simple as possible for the driver to use. I was responsible for translating it as MIME (email standard) compatible. I coded some printing facilities for it. It had all the basic functions that normal email client programs have, and I was coding these functions. The coding for SMail was done in Visual C++.

skills used: C++, C, Visual C++

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