Tony Quinsey

Web Devloper


My name is Tony Quinsey and I am a self taught web developer. I have been working with websites for around 3 years, coding languages including (x)html, css, php, mysql and limited javascript. I have good graphic design skills using gimp image manipulation software. I can also manage any tasks on the server/web host, such as uploading/downloading (ftp), domain name management, installation etc.

My main strength is my ability to create dynamic web applications where the user can alter any part of the website, such as posts, images, headings, news columns, sports results/standings, etc, so long they have admin rights, ie, username and password. All of my work is created with security in mind, so to prevent hack attacks, as best as possible.

So on refelction, I would mainly like to work as a front end/back end developer, managing dynamic websites where the customer can have full control over their own website(s). However I can also code more simple websites, with less customer control, should this be required. I can also create a certain level of graphics.

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Thetford.
Within Norfolk.

Length of contract