Les Beattie


Looking for clients, please...After 2 years as freelance web designer I accepted a 'too good to refuse' offer of full time employment, after 4 years was made redundant due to company merger. Have taken decision to freelance in web design again, however, sites created whilst a freelancer have either been rebuilt or company has ceased trading, therefore, need to build a new portfolio and looking for potential clients to help achieve this.

Am in the process of building my new site and can supply examples of previous work, although no live sites. I also have numerous years experience in Data analysis, intranet, ETMS and Market Research in the pharmaceutical industry.


Ex-work colleagues


(Not updated for some time). Concept, design and layout by self. Set up as a 'keep in touch' site for ex-colleagues following redundancy due to company merger.

skills used: Graphics, Frontpage, Photoshop, Html, Web Design, Database

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Ipswich, Suffolk.
Within Ipswich, Suffolk.
Can telecommute.

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