Leon Chaffey


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I have over 15 years experience in the IT Development market, with extensive experience in the Microsoft environments.

I am extremely versatile in the way I approach solving problems,
and many of my clients have appreciated my dynamic approach to issues relating the their project. Along the way I have worked solo, within a localised team or in a global team and also many occasion where I have taken the lead role.

Some credits to my name have been to work for the Labour Government, Carphone Warehouse and HH Associates, others have been local and London based councils and businesses.

In 2004 I was brought on-board for the development on the print and media management system used by Labour in the last election. The project required a redevelopment on its failing client side scripting, which used iframes and batch files to produce what is now referred to as AJAX. I fore-fronted for this project the development of a suit of Javascript objects, and asp.net workers to circumvent the prior issues. This was well before AJAX and JSON requests became standard use. Needless to say the project completed successfully, even if Labour wasn't.


Posted by Karine (Web Designer / Project manager), Larineka.com

Written testimonial:
Leon is fab! He's very fair, cares for his work and most importantly delivers code that has been tested and works! He's always happy to speak on the phone which is becoming a rare quality nowadays! I highly recommend him!


Super Thinkers


This is a complete rebuild of their site, providing an increase in to the provision it is able to give. The site will be built on the DotNetNuke .NET platform, utilising its breadth of capabilities to provide the large number of requirements the site has. The site will give provision for the management of the Super Thinkers Students, other attendees, appointment/bookings and General Centre Management. It will also link to 2 payment systems (GoCardless and Stripe), as well as WaveApps for finance management.

skills used: .NET, javascript , jQuery, SQL, Html, Graphic Design

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Within Essex.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

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