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First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Stavroula. I have a degree in Environmental Engineering. Then, in September 2008 I completed my dissertation for the MSc in Building Energy & Environmental Performance Modelling. Afterwards, I returned back home where I worked amongst other as Freelancer – Columnist for the technical magazine "to ktirio".

This Engineering background may seem in contrast to the Architecture MSc, I chose in order to advance my knowledge in the field of construction. Most often, and though these two disciplines are highly cooperative, an Engineer progresses in knowledge by remaining strictly in that field and not through Architecture or the opposite. The reason for this choice is an effort to combine the advantages of both these disciplines in order to become as efficient as possible regarding my main interest, sustainability.

My first degree with a variety of environmental principles regarding Water and Wastewater, Solid Waste, Atmospheric Quality and Renewable Energy but at the same time advanced Maths, Technical, Economical & Environmental Programming of a Development & its Impacts, Environmental Performance and Bioclimatic Architecture set the basis of my understanding on the whole construction procedure, with respect always to the environment. The MSc studies afterwards, were the theoretical and practical tool to acquire knowledge on the modelling of buildings regarding Lighting, Air Flow and Thermal Performance amongst others in a target to develop techniques applicable in sustainable Architecture.

Thus, and because of the demands of such a variety of courses, I learned how to adjust quickly and with responsibility to different areas of study and applications. The research courses, the modelling of Environmental Systems led to advancing qualities such as flexibility, readiness, awareness & ability to adjust when concerning different responsibilities.

Thank you for your attention.


Posted by Donald Alexander (Senior Research Fellow), Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University

Written testimonial:
I have known Ms Spyropoulou as a student on our scheme : MSc in Building Energy and Environmental Performance Modelling, on which she had been studying from September 2007 to September 2008.

I have taught her on three modules: Light and Shade (lighting modelling), Air Flow Modelling (largely CFD), and Thermal Analysis (dynamic thermal modelling), and acted as her supervisor for her dissertation.

I found Ms Spyropoulou to be a bright, able, and personable student; she produced good coursework and project submissions and contributed well to class presentations and discussions. Our scheme does not focus on one aspect of modelling but on
many, and she has proved to be a capable and diligent in addressing the many aspects covered.

I considered her work on the dissertation, where she studied the longwave radiation exchanges between groups of buildings, to be of a high quality.

Ms Spyropoulou's communication skills are good; she produced thoughtful and informative presentations as part of her coursework, and produced a very readable dissertation.

Overall I believe that Ms Spyropoulou would be a valuable asset to any team.

Donald Alexander

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