Freelance Brand Designer and UX/Divi Expert with a passion for tennis.


Hello and welcome to the growing, trusted, professional and high-quality digital designing service in the heart of Manchester.

I am Lolo, a freelance Digital Designer, Blogger and Entrepreneur based in rainy Manchester, UK. My interests and working skills are focused on web and mobile interaction design. I have a lot of passion for details in web and mobile development.

Over the past 8 years I have worked on successful campaigns across mediums of print, digital and web. I have collaborated with marketing and advertising executives and led small businesses to create high visual content that drives increased company revenue. My work is designed with usability, marketing, credibility, and usefulness in-mind.

Currently I work amongst a team of specialists to creatively deliver the highest degree of online and print support material for Curious Kat, an adventurer’s club that organises weekend trips, events & parties. My objective is to work in a creative, challenging environment with a progressive digital team so as to hone my design skills and grow as a professional.

I’m available by email and face-to-face if you’re based around Manchester, UK. I am also happy to travel if the need arises.

Please check out my online portfolio here →
…Life is colours and pixels


Engage Hub

At Engage hub, I worked as an interactive web designer producing creative concepts and clean user interfaces which were produced in Photoshop and implemented through into Wordpress. All projects had a fast turn around and delivered to brief specifications and deadline. in addition, i was responsible for the re-design of the company’s website, reporting directly to the managing director.

skills used: Branding, Illustrator, Market Research, CSS, Wordpress, Web Design

Ivis Today

At Ivis Today my responsibilities included designing the website, brochure and developing logotype and identity. My main goal was to achieve a clean image that resembled a personal touch.

skills used: Html, Graphic Design, Accessibility, CSS, Creative Writing, Wordpress, Bootstrap

5163 interactive

I am currently self employed at 5163 interactive and my role varies from a mixture of freelance agency work and client projects directly (mainly start-ups and small businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit). The scope of my design work ranges from Digital strategy, Identity design, e-commerce websites, email marketing, branding, and designing iPhone apps. So far I have managed to deliver digital solutions within tight deadlines and on budget.

skills used: Accessibility, Branding, Consultancy, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Web Design, Advertising, Illustrator, Wordpress

Namsu Luxuy Wedding Services

At Namsu, I worked as a digital designer and I was involved in the preparation of blog and newsletter content for clients. I also had a go at PPC and carried out site reviews and site analytics for the company.

skills used: SEO, Advertising, Creative Writing, Consultancy, Content Writing, Photography

Hummer Limo Hire

At Lead designer, responsible for the feel and look of the final design.

skills used: DHTML, Dreamweaver, Market Research, Web Design

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