Adam Clark

Freelance Designer


Over the last 6 years I've worked with many different start-ups and companies helping with web design, branding & any other graphic design needs. Feel free to look through the projects I've worked on, on my website.


Just Started School

Just Started School was an idea I was approach with through an old colleague, the aim was to build a new site which could host a community of parents from around the whole U.K whose children were at primary school level and allow them to access updated worksheets and talk amongst each other on forums at school and national level. My role was/is to fulfil all design needs for the company.

skills used: Web Design, Logo Design, Branding


Tutora was an idea brought to life for the clients by me and Aaron. The is site split into two halves; one side for students and the other for tutors. Allowing students to communicate with tutors then book and pay for tutoring sessions right on the site offering protection for both parties. I was brought on to the team to design all the front-facing pages to the site, design and build a strong simple brand that stood out from the rest of the competition and any marketing materials required for the initial launch.

skills used: Web Design, Logo Design

A Shade Greener

Print Work:, Website Optimisation:

Employed to fulfill the creative needs of the in house marketing team during a period of growth, I managed all of the marketing material which was created across printed and web based media. This included such tasks as; creating advertisements for online networks, print and email, creating and optimising landing pages, updating the main website, designing brochures and flyers, liaising with external printers and communicating internally with other managers about requirements for their documents & other resources. Through the use of our online and offline campaigns we increased enquiry numbers substantially. Rising them from as little as 300 new enquiries a week to over 500 a day with summer days averaging at over 1000 enquires everyday. Through adaptation I managed to increase all general traffic conversions on the main website to over 15% average across all devices, with some targeted marketing landing pages converting traffic at up to 60%. I liaised with management and the marketing department daily to ensure delivery of creative work which my team produced was on target and that it remained accurate to the brief as it changed.

skills used: Web Design, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Graphic Design

One Digital

Within my role I was responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating all design needs. I was the communication link between the designers, the developers and the marketeers to ensure accordance with customer specification and media requirements.

skills used: Web Design, Logo Design, Microsoft Office

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within S. Yorkshire, UK.
Can telecommute.

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