Mangat Singh

Web Designer


In 2009, Mr. Singh established a proficient-professional web design firm in UK, AniWebDesigns Ltd UK. He voyaged colossally across England, Scotland and Wales assembling with latent patrons to boost leading-edge website formats at immensely zealous cost. He proposed job openings to juvenile, freshly certified technical and business graduates to lead-off their vocation in IT and business world.

Today, AniWebDesigns is a pioneer in distinctly ambitious realm of web design, known for avant-garde, ingenious and inventive websites. Availing a crew of skilled, competent website planners and devisors, AniWebDesigns patronage has enlarged within Europe and North America.

AniWebDesigns practices exclusively in enlarging organization existence and marketability through affordable, indigenous and visionary website designs. Mr. Singh's implementation of a hands-
on professional approach entrenches every aspect of each project from appraisal to launch till the roll-out is inscribed.

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