Mark Crofts

Illustrator and CGI Artist / infographics / Data illustration / Technical illustration / 3d visualisation / Product visualisation



Hi, I am Mark Crofts.

A freelance illustrator with academic roots in technical illustration and design with over 20 years of experience. I specialise in CGI product visuals, infographics, data illustration and technical Illustration with both disciplines being driven by a love for portraying information visually.

As a freelancer it’s important that my clients are satisfied with the service I deliver. I place a high importance on clients’ wishes and hold communication as the key to ensure success. I strive to deliver results that fulfils and even exceeds expectations.

How I can help.
In today’s highly saturated market it is necessary to have impressive, engaging and captivating visualisations which stand out against the competition.

• Product visuals:
Based on your CAD files I create the visual materials necessary your exact purpose or, I can model the product to your requirement. For example, you can hire me for: product visuals for brochures, packaging, web, videos, posters, you name it. My work includes (but are not limited to):
- Photorealism
- Stylised visuals
- Hero shots
- Catalogue shots
- Instructional shots
- Color and material studies
- 360 animations
- Exploded view animations
- Instructional animations
- Etc.

• Infographics / Data, Technical illustration:
I work closely with the client to understand the direction and style required. I can work to an in-house style or generating bespoke branding. I use data already generated by the client or I can research a subject myself to offer a fast, flexible and cost efficient solution to tell a visual story. My work includes (but are not limited to):
– Graphics for website and social media use
– Infographic posters, leaflets or reports
– Data visualisations and charts for reports, slides or website
– Illustrations for manuals, guides and Learning material
– 2d or 3d graphics

I am open to your requests and happy to have a informal chat about your projects.


skills used:

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Brighton.
Within East sussex.
Within United Kingdom.
Would temporarily relocate.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract