Mark Anderson


Working as a freelancer for 10 years, developing backend systems in conjunction with web designers. I have created a variety of sites using ASP, ASP.NET, Access, SQL Server and Oracle. Previous experience includes Programing with Visual Basic and Java, work done has included integration with Oracle, DBA and Intranet work. I have Worked in the logistics, water and defence industries. I run a network of 8 plus PC's using all MS operating systems (win95 to winxp) also run Oracle 8.17 and SQL Server 2000


My Club Pro

Co-Owner and developer, a niche market exists for good quality/easy to use grassroots sports club websites that allow the club to advertise its events and teams as well as allowing multiple admins each restricted to their own distinct area. This is our selling site for this concept and we already have 60+ sports clubs using it through out the UK. a typical club using this is

skills used: .NET, ASP.Net, SQL Server, jQuery, CSS

Maidenhead Aquatics

This is a UK wide franschiesed company who wished to provide support to the various shops. As well as allowing for central control of the content they wanted to provide each individual shop with the ability to control there own minisite.

skills used: .NET, ASP.Net, SQL Server, VB.Net, AJAX


Segro had a requirement to roll out a corporate approach to all their websites, I was tasked to build the infrastructure using Microsoft Content Management Server and C# that allowed these sites to be created and also to add the flexibility that allowed different layout options, See the difference between,, and They also required European sites which were to be localised having the language of the country as well as English see

skills used: .NET, C#, SQL Server


Meet with client to discuss brief, created spec, discussed and agreed spec with client, agreed design with client and designer then built complete backend to spec against designers template. Also built Shopping cart for this project.

skills used: Database, ASP, SQL Server 2000, Dreamweaver

Mars Netherlands

Mars wanted a game to help decide on the colour of the new M&M, this site is the result I liased with the developers and did all the interfaces with Flash 5including several stored procedures in SQL Server. As well as creating the final results page and emailing system I also created several hidden pages that do error checking and data processing.

skills used: Database, ASP, Html, Dreamweaver

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Bournemouth.
Within South Central.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

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