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Having worked for over 5 years in the industry I have experience working on a large variety of projects for a wide selection of clients. Because I have a passion for what I do I guarantee that every project undertaken is treated with a high level of enthusiasm and dedication.

Although I aim to help small and start-up business’ local to Lincoln, and throughout the UK, I am also happy to help out larger companies and organizations with any design needs they may have.

Brand identity and logo design is something that I have been passionate about since the design industry first caught my eye. As a result it is something I now specialise in and I’ve helped companies and organizations all over the UK either refresh their brand image, or created fresh branding solutions for them.

Website design is also something I love to immerse myself in and I have started to to provide more advanced websites to my clients, whilst never compromising on the level of design I provide.

I love working with new people and finding out about their business’. If you would like to work with me then please get in touch today!


Posted by Sean Holcroft (Freelance Web Developer), #SHd

Written testimonial:
Mark is a brilliant designer to work with.
During my freelance career at university I worked with Mark on a variety of projects, his design work is top-notch and his front-end development is faultless, no qualms recommending Mark.


Review Trailers

I was asked to design and build a full CMS website for movie reviews. The site was designed to compete with the likes of IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. One thing that was noticed instantly from researching these sites is that they are very content heavy and cluttered, making it hard for the user to navigate and find the content they wanted. We felt that creating a design with a more ‘back to basics’ approach would benefit the user experience greatly and chose to leave colour out of the design so the striking imagery of the films would stand out better on the page. As well as having a full site search, the website also benefits from a taxanomy system allowing users to search by actor, director, production company etc.

skills used: CSS, Html, Wordpress, Web Design


I was approached by local start-up company ‘Tashady’ to design them a new website. Tashady specialise in catering solutions for events of any nature and any size. I was tasked with creating a WordPress theme that would show and represent them as a modern, stylish company that can cater for all events.

skills used: CSS, Html, Wordpress, Web Design

Haywards Horticulture

Logo design and full brand identity design for Sheffield based gardening company Haywards Horticulture. Haywards Horticulture is a gardening company that covers all aspects of garden work, ranging from landscaping through to seeding and maintenance. They wanted a brand identity that was modern and fresh to rejuvinate the image of the gardening industry.

skills used: Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Black Beauty Systems

I was approached by new PC company ‘Black Beauty Systems’ to design their logo and brand identity. Black Beauty Systems build high end desktop PC systems using nothing but the best internal parts. They wanted an identity that would reflect that they were a high end tech company. However, they did not want a futuristic looking identity as used by most companies in this market. The logo design for Black Beauty Systems is based around two aspects, firstly the letter b, and secondly the internal parts of a PC (namely the motherboard). The symbol used in the logo is made up from 6 letter b’s arranged into a concentric pattern. By using the negative space from each letter b a pattern was formed to mimic that of the soldering used on montherboards.

skills used: Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Monitor Healthcare

was approached by new organisation ‘Monitor Healthcare’ to design their logo and brand identity. Monitor Healthcare aim to provide people all around Africa with free medical advice via online and telephone methods. As this service is to be for the full continent I wanted to create a logo that would represent this unity. The different colours of each section of the cross are representative of the North, East, South and West regions of Africa. The individual colours were picked based on the flags of the countries within each region. The white cross in the middle of the logo is to symbalise the unity of the continent which Monitor Healthcare aim to provide.

skills used: Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design

The Rural Repository

The Rural Repository is the complete resource for the countryside communities within the United Kingdom. I was asked to develop a new logo to represent the organisation. Due to the nature of the organisation I chose to create a very traditional ‘British’ looking logo. I used an oak leaf in the design to symbolise the strength of the community and that a small idea can grow into something very strong. The branding and stationery for the project followed a similar process to the logo to ensure what was created had a traditional feel with a modern twist.

skills used: Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Beni Builders Ltd

I was asked by building firm Beni Builders Ltd to create a stationery pack utilizing their new logo. As well as creating a new stationery pack I also changed the typography in the logo to create a more legible and distinct logo. The stationery set created used the new company logo mark to create dynamic watermark backgrounds throughout the material. This helps give the stationery an image instantly associated with a building firm.

skills used: Branding

Deepstack Media Ltd offers great advice and tips to people who love to play all of their classic pub fruit machine games online! The aim of this redesign was to make the website more user friendly and to improve the functionality of the website by adding the ratings system to the review pages.

skills used: CSS, CMS, Html, Wordpress, Web Design

Shepherd Food Ministries

Shepherd Food Ministries are a charity with great ambitions in helping underprivileged children and widows in Nigeria. As a result of their ambitions they wanted a solid brand identity that would carry them for years to come. As Shepherd Food Ministries predominantly work in helping young people learn to support themselves through sustainable agriculture I felt their brand should reflect the Earth itself. This can be seen in the circle of the ‘Shepherds Crook’ in the logo and also in the representation of soil and grass in the green and brown colour scheme of the stationery. The website design needed to be kept clean and easy to use as a lot of SFM’s followers are people who may not be the most technically aware. I wanted to use the identity created in the branding as much as possible in the website through the use of the fonts, colours and the brown stripe.

skills used: CSS, Branding, CMS, Graphic Design, Html, Logo Design, Wordpress, Web Design

Ladies Fitness & Wellness

This project was very close to me as it was for a former employer, and the company at which I first learnt my trade. I have been responsible for designing and building all of the LFW websites since the company launched their first website back in 2005. Over 4 years after the last website was launched I was asked to revamp the site again. The website is now operating a full CMS, using the WordPress platform.

skills used: Web Design, Wordpress, CMS, Html

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