Martin Hewett


PC and Local Area Network support. Unix and Windows validation and integration for hardware and software. Pre-sales for servers & PCs. Data recovery.


MJH Data Recovery Ltd.


For the function of PC support, when the PC will not load. Archive the required data before either running diagnostic tests or rebuilding the PC.

skills used: testing, PC support, LINUX, Support

Ministry of Defense


Remote and hands on support for the Local Area Networks and connection to the Restricted LAN interconnection for the British Army.

skills used: testing, PC support, Support, UNIX

C2 Net Europe


Recruiting, planning changes to documentation, investigated using open source products to replace existing proprietary products, acted as the interface between technicians and customers.

skills used: LINUX, Management



Pre-sales, technical backup to the sales force. Server sizing and technical conversations with customers.

skills used: Support, Database, UNIX



Hands on team leader doing Unix hardware/software integration and validation.
DRS/NX V7 (ICL Unix) Operating System installation, database installation (Oracle, Ingres, Informix) and tpms (Client server system on Unix) testing.
Compiler development, coding (in assembler and then the compiler itself), validation and pre/post sales consultancy

skills used: testing, Database, UNIX, Management



Unix and Windows testing for a network attached storage device. This involved installing Oracle 8i on HPux 11, Solaris 8 and Red Hat Linux 6.2, Apache, WordPerfect, Staroffice, gFTP and various standard UNIX utilities to test the Network attached storage device. I also administered a selection of Unix machines (HPux 10.20 11.0, Sparc and Intel Solaris and Linux servers for test and development.

skills used: testing, LINUX, Database, UNIX

Fujitsu Siemens


Management of Laptop Operating System development and recovery mechamism. I was managing 3 developers and 3 testers putting the operating system (in multiple European languages) on to the laptops. I planned the work and maintained team morale.

skills used: testing, Management

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Within Reading.
Within South East.
Can telecommute.

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