Darren Grant


5 years academic study in multimedia / branding / web design

1 years academic teaching in multimedia

2 years working for a leading branding house

3 years working and developing top cosmetics brands

2 years branding new business and developing powerful ecommerce and seo web engines with user friendly backends.


Funky Fun


Brand design. Web design and development Seo and ecommerce with backend user editing system. Social networking. Booking System.

skills used: Advertising, Video Production, Photography, Final Cut Pro, Web Design, Photography, Flash, Marketing, E-Commerce, Graphic Design

Vita Liberata


Brand and marketing developer. All company branding. Packaging design Advertising. Photography and video making. Currently developing an international website, that will sell internationally in over 10 countries and will be fully optimised in each. Website contains a back end editor, for internal clients to easily update content, perform simple seo and run ecommerce store.

skills used: Content Writing, Advertising, E-Commerce, Branding, Graphic Design, SEO, Final Cut Pro, Html, Web Design, Photoshop

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Belfast.
Within Antrim.

Length of contract