Matt Lane


Hello, I’m Matt - I design and develop lovely websites for small and medium size businesses and creative agencies.

I’ve been designing and developing great websites for my clients for over 15 years, working on projects for large international brands as well as smaller businesses. I work closely with all my clients offering input upon all aspects of a project to ensure absolute design consistency and a reliable return on their investment is achieved on time and on budget.

I can assist with all aspects of web projects from design through to the front end and content management development. I take pride in every project I work on and take a great responsibility for the work I produce.

I always have my clients best interests at heart and strive to make their budget, be it large or small, to work as hard for them as possible.



Matter Innovation commissioned me to bring life to their own custom website design, during the project I worked closely with their own internal design team to produce one of the most complex sites I’ve built to date. Initially assisting on converting the designs to function across all devices and screen sizes from desktop to tablet to smartphone. From a technical perspective each page is built from a set of layout templates that the editor can choose from to produce the various layout sections required by each page and its own unique set of content, once again managed using WordPress and my own custom framework. I also set up additional options to handle imagery enabling the editor greater control over the selection of images when the site is viewed on the various devices, allowing them to use alternative image selections for these situations. We also made use of premium fonts to provide greater control over typography and provide us with even greater consistency across all systems – a vital part of this project to ensure their brand is presented correctly and accurately in all environments. As a final addition each layout template can be animated individually when the user scrolls the section into view, however not one of us could make our minds up on which animation style to use, so right now this feature isn’t active on the live site, but the control is in the editors hands so keep your eyes peeled!

skills used: Wordpress, Html, CSS, Web Design, Consultancy, jQuery

Purple Design

I’ve been working with Purple Design (Orla Collins) now for over 8 years producing many version of their website to promote their Interior Design business. This latest iteration of the site is a real push forwards when compared to previous versions. In the past we have always relied upon Flash but since the inception of mobile devices Flash has not been a viable option, however we still needed to bring the exceptional imagery Purple Design have to the fore and showcase their service in the most effective manner possible. The main focus of the site is to act as a portfolio showcasing their work, but also to provide key information on their unique service – a copy writer was employed to give this content real consistency and ensure the perfect delivery of Purple Design’s core values. In addition to the exceptional writing a full archive of all Press features – which is extensive to say the least is available on the site, and can be updated and added to by the client whenever required. From a technical perspective the site is managed using WordPress along with a Bespoke theme I developed (making use of my own custom framework) to be responsive for all devices and screen resolutions. All content can be managed by the client as and when required, over the coming months we will be working on enhancing the search engine visibility of the site to maximise exposure to gain potential new business enquiries.

skills used: Wordpress, Web Design, CSS, Html, jQuery, Consultancy, SEO

Vivid Design Consultancy

Vivid Design Consultancy commissioned me to develop the website for Tales of the Tweed, while Vivid have produced many websites prior to this project they had never designed a fully responsive website. In the initial stages of the project I assisted them in the methods of designing with responsiveness in mind. I provided templates for them to work with to produce accurate designs at various setups allowing an easier control over the design process and eventual client approval. Throughout the design stage I was on hand to advise and assist to allow the development to fit the budget we were both working towards. The site itself is one we are both very proud of, our primary aim was to provide the client with a simple blog site they could maintain themselves without the need for constant input from us, in developing the site we’ve made use of various techniques to allow for simple formatting (by the client) where we can control all style aspects of the content they add to the site – while maintaining simplicity to reduce the effort required to develop and create new content. I also advised upon the correct methods to ensure all content is set to ensure maximum search engine visibility – which is an initiative we will work further on over the coming months. From a technical perspective this is a Bespoke Wordpress theme developed using my own framework incorporating some neat techniques to speed up page loads on what is a media heavy site – primarily to incorporate LazyLoading to streamline and optimise page loading times. In addition alternative navigation system was implemented to optimise the viewable screen area when viewing the site on a Smartphone – including an alternative search trigger further enhancing the mobile view. We also added an Instagram feed to the site to make the social connection, but also have added custom sharing mechanisms to ensure better brand consistency with their presentation. In addition we make use of web fonts (namely Baskerville and Benton) to really make the typography sing.

skills used: Wordpress, Html, CSS, Consultancy, Web Design, jQuery

Ben Harries

Photographer Ben Harries commissioned me to develop his website to showcase his extensive photography portfolio, our aim was to give real presence to the photographs presenting them in a clear and effective manner. Having worked with many photographers over the years I am well versed in how to handle their imagery and this website is a real success. We opted to make use of a gapless layout allowing any image of any shape and size to be displayed in a masonry grid, each image linking to a full project with a full frame interactive gallery. For those with larger monitors these galleries really do pop when being viewed. We also developed an ability to provide video thumbnails to give some variety and interest to the layout and avoid it simply becoming another static gallery. The entire gallery is maintained by Ben himself, uploading new projects and even preparing his own video thumbnails for upload, again by himself. Recently we have implemented LazyLoading techniques to optimise the delivery of the site to users, further decreasing load times on what is an extremely media heavy site. From a technical perspective this is another WordPress theme which makes use of my own framework for speedy development and ease of maintenance for Ben – reducing the complexity of adding new content allows Ben to make much more frequent updates to the site.

skills used: Wordpress, CSS, Html, Consultancy


Premium Knitwear producers Oballou commissioned me to produce a responsive website to showcase their ever growing collection of knitwear. I’ve been working with Oballou since 2013 and we have constantly developed new functionality and refined their site during this period. We are in constant communication discussing new ideas and developments to the site to grow the user base, and are currently working in integrating an eCommerce solution (due to launch later in 2015) – and in conjunction looking to develop their search engine presence and also developing presence with the major social networks. Our core aim is to direct more traffic to the site to increase the potential for sales and in turn generating loyal returning customers. During this time we have made significant developments to the site incorporating a blog which Oballou maintain themselves on a regular basis with new photography, promoting new product lines and providing their users with an insight into their own unique creative process. From a technical perspective this is a Bespoke Wordpress theme, developed using my own framework to allow for swift (and cost effective) additions to the site, while maintaining complete client control over the content.

skills used: Wordpress, Html, CSS, E-Commerce, jQuery

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