M Charles Sanderson

Experienced copywriter and journalist


Experienced freelance copywriter and journalist, specialising in writing about legal issues and law, property markets and banking, and travel/food blogs.

I bring 12 years of experience to assignments, including a background in features and legal news, for clients ranging from large multinationals to small start-ups.

I am a native English writer and speaker, which means that I understand the nuances of the language. This familiarity with the English language is absolutely crucial when it comes to creating top quality copy.

I have a degree in law, and several years experience with civil legal practice, especially debt and finance, along with 11 years as a Citizens Advice Bureau Manager/Advisor.

Companies I have worked with include DNUK, The Irish Times, Asis de Deces, Texteur Francais, Rebate Ireland and Upclick.

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Can telecommute.

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