Mike Stenhouse


I am a London-based freelance web developer specialising in front-end web technoligies, particularly XHTML, CSS and Accessibility, but with experience of back-end production including ASP, PHP and SQL Server.


Red Bull/Less Rain


Working with an in-house Less Rain programmer I developed the front end to the Red Bull Final 5 website and helped with the PHP/MySQL back-end CMS.

skills used: Html, CSS, PHP



Brought in after the start of the project I developed a series of innovative CSS 'plug and play' modules for the home page and V Festival sections of the Virgin Mobile Louder site that allowed Recollective's flexible CMS to slot in content at will.

skills used: Html, CSS



Working for Radio and Music Interactive I was responsible for coding the HTML templates for the Eurovision 2004 site, ready to be passed over to production for population.

skills used: Html

Greater London Authority


Working with a design agency I was responsible for the development of the web site's front end, which is pure XHTML/CSS and achieves WAI AAA accessibility.

skills used: Html, CSS

CSS Zen Garden


The CSS Zen Garden is a showcase site for what can be achieved with CSS. Designers are invited to redesign the site using only CSS - the HTML is fixed and may not be altered, as "a demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSS based design." The Garden gets a lot of submissions from all over the world so I consider it a real honour to get a design selected.

skills used: CSS

Small Business Service/Nykris Digital De


I developed some 60 XHTML/CSS templates for the government's IVCA award winning BusinessLink web site. The templates were developed in conjunction with a designer, for use with a large CMS and, being a government site, they all had to comply with the WAI and RNIB guidelines.

skills used: Html, CSS



I designed and developed the Interent site to accompany an offline branding and advertising campaign for the newly formed company. The site uses a PHP templating system to allow inhouse updating of content without the expense of implementing a full CMS and features XHTML1/CSS2 valid code and WAI Level 2 accessibility.

skills used: Html, CSS, PHP, Photoshop

SpiritSoft Ltd.


I was solely responsible for the architecture, design and implementation of the web site, which includes a DHTML menu system, standards compliant CSS and XHTML, a CMS and a lead-capture system.

skills used: Html, CSS, Photoshop, Javascript, Database, ASP



This is my personal web site who's primary function is to showcase my technical proficiency alongside some of my photography. As such, the site exhibits clean design suited to the photographic content, usable and intuitive interface, and complex CSS.

skills used: Html, CSS, Photoshop, Database, ASP

Spring Barn Vineyard


I was solely responsible for the design and implementation of the Spring Barn site, the aim being to produce a publicity aid to accompany extensive flyering.

skills used: Photoshop, Flash