Mike Rushworth



I have 26 years experience in professional software design and development. This includes many years with PHP, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, and database backend. I also produce customised WordPress sites.


Posted by Mark Plummer (Head of Digital Projects), pharmaphorum media ltd

Written testimonial:
Mike Rushworth is by far the most meticulous developer I've ever worked with. When you give Mike a project, he'll plan it out thoroughly and ensure he has working backups at every stage - a level of care that's proven to be priceless on numerous occasions with several projects we have worked on together. Whether it be a simple or large and complex project, Mike has always excelled and over delivered making him an effective, positive member of any team he has worked within. Given the choice when project managing, I would choose Mike as part of my development team any day.




Extensive debugging of a joomla! based website.

skills used: PHP, SQL, Software Testing, OO, Html

pharmaphorum media


I was hired to provide customisation of a WordPress site. This required PHP code that worked within the WordPress API, and included integration with other web applications using various API approaches.

skills used: CSS, MySql, PHP, javascript , AJAX, Wordpress, SQL, Other

Mike Rushworth


I designed and developed this site. This site was developed to fill a gap in the marketplace for people who wish to search for a business venue that supports small craft business by date, no sites offered this prior to this one.

skills used: CSS, javascript , jQuery, MySql, Photoshop, PHP, SQL, AJAX, Html

Resolution Events


I designed and developed the website. This includes a CMS I coded from scratch to satisfy their specific business requirements.

skills used: CSS, Illustrator, javascript , MySql, Photoshop, PHP, SQL, Html

Ray Fenton-Storey


Design and development of site from concept to completion.

skills used: javascript , CSS, Photoshop, PHP, Html