Expert Graphic Designer for over 25 years


Let’s face it. In today’s business world, anyone can buy the necessary tools they need to get the job done themselves. Need to create a brochure or logo? Buy Publisher or Adobe Illustrator. Right? Wrong.

Anyone can purchase a set of tools or software. But that doesn’t mean that you want just anyone to give you a root canal. The software is just a tool. It is the individual using that tool that enable the results.

You need a freelance graphic designer who has the training, the creative talent, and the industry knowledge necessary to allow you to get the type of results you deserve. One who is obsessed with fonts, colors, visual balance and other artsy-fartsy lingo like “kerning”, “dot-gain”, “work-and-turn”, and “aqueous”

Let me design your logo, your poster, your packaging, or your marketing brochure. That frees you up to do what you do best – focusing on your business, service, product, or event.

I have applied my talents within a wide range of industries such as the music industry, wine and restaurant industries, academic field, book publishing, commercial advertising, and web development — all while simultaneously maintaining my own business as a freelance graphic designer.

When all is said and done, I have been honing my skills as a graphic designer for over 25 years and currently reside in the greater Singapore area with my wife, and two boys

But designing for awards isn’t what drives me. Providing the best customer service, using my creative juice to design just the right solution, and having clients that are totally jazzed about working with me is better than any honorable mention from the industry.


Posted by Eggy (Manager), Bluezone

Written testimonial:
have been hiring Mo for my ecommerce and website designer needs and he's really GOOD, always beyond my expectations. I will hire him for my next project in future.



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