Mark Mulrooney

Freelance front end web developer based in London


Worked in the multimedia industry for 26 years and has a wealth of experience in website development and CD-ROM programming, video encoding and DVD authoring. For ten years had lead small teams of programmers and won awards for instructional multimedia CD-ROMs. Since 2005 worked as a freelance contractor in London in the field of web development, core skills of JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS. From Aug 2010 to Nov 2011 worked as a permanent Senior Front End Web Developer at the digital agency TMW. Has now returned to freelancing.


Barton Willmore

JavaScript and HTML5 canvas coding for an architectural firm, whose client’s website featured a photographic map on to which users could drop icons that could be resized and it also allowed users to draw and erase with a mouse or using a touch screen. The newly amended map view then had to reactively resize following a browser resizing.

skills used: javascript , jQuery, Html, CSS


The makers of the Nectar card wanted a new web registration process; working under an Agile management process, acting as a consultant on the user interface, making functioning prototypes (a registration form and a consumer survey) that work on mobile and desktop, creating extensive Javascript form validation. More form validation was done via AJAX calls to back end services. Researched and implemented the ‘honeypot’ solution to stop spambots trying to fill in the form.

skills used: jQuery, javascript , CSS, Photoshop, Accessibility, AJAX, Dreamweaver, Html, JavaScript


Mentored the offshore team by reviewing code for semantics, accessibility and leaness and proscribing best practices. Also wrote JavaScript routines for progressive enhancement and made use of XUI, a JS library for mobiles.

skills used: JavaScript, CSS, Html, Dreamweaver

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within London.
Within Greater London.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

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