Nataliia Androsova


More than 4 years of programming experience in total (Java, JavaScript). I’ve started from developing animations, data visualizations in MatLab and developing tools for studying/working process optimization at university and previous places of work. Also just for fun.
Nowadays I have strong experience in front-end development and back-end development (Node.js) with heavy use of REST approach & list of libraries including underscore, express, async, moment, mongoose, knex, crypto, etc.; MongoDB and Postgre SQL as databases; modern frameworks - mainly Backbone.js and React.js + Redux.js (also experienced Angular.js 1.0 (Bugfix)) with use of jQuery, jQueryUI, d3.js, require.js, browserify, webpack, grunt.js, gulp.js and other libraries. In addition experience with Blockchain communication with use of web3.js; good experience in using version control system (GIT); working knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, SASS; strong understanding of object-oriented programming paradigm, design patterns and its implementation.
Most passionate about front-end development, especially animations and/or data visualization.