Naveed Kamboh

Senior software Engineer


15+ year experience of analysis and development with complete SDLC of complex N-Tier applications including web, mobile and desktop systems. I am a motivated individual with excellent analytical and communication skills with problem solving attitude. I am an easy going person with quick learning attitude who can quickly fit within the team. I have experience of working with remote teams. Always keen to accept challenges.

React Js
Angular Js
Ionic Framework
Xero Accounting Private Application
Agile SCRUM, Extreme programming
TDD (Test Driven Development)
DDD (Domain Driven Development)
OOP (Object Oriented Programming
Web Services (REST, WCF, SOAP), JSON, SOA
Design Patterns
TFS (Team foundation server)
Web Engineering
Dependency Injection (N Inject, Structure map)
Server programming
Front end Programming
ASP.NET MVC 2, 3 , 4, 5
JQuery, JQuery Mobile
Web Forms
Win Forms Unit test, Moq, Rhino Mocks, Nunit
SQL SERVER 2000, 2005, 2008 R2, SQL, T-SQL , SSIS, DTS, Stored procedures, User defined function, Views, Triggers, SSRS
My SQL, MS-Access,
C# (C sharp), LINQ
ASP.Net framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, Classical
HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Telerik controls
CSS, CodeSmith
Crystal Reports 7, 8, 8.5 , 9, 10, Logi XML reporting tool
Autonomy Server
Entity Framework N-Hibernate
WPF, Silver light and
IIS 6,7
Estimation and planning


Front end shop, integration with pay pal, database and CMS

skills used: ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000, Database, Javascript, VB, Html, C#

Complete database, CMS And Front Development Excluding Graphic design.

skills used: ASP.Net, ASP, MySql, Database, Javascript, Html, C#

Complete develpment of CMS and front en with CSS,Javascript,HTM, 2.0, c# other than graphics.

skills used: ASP.Net, MySql, Database, Html, C#

CMS sytem using , mysql,c#

skills used: ASP.Net, MySql, Database, C#

Secure booking system using .net cryptography Mysql,

skills used: ASP.Net, MySql, Database, C#

Integration of Google map

skills used: ASP.Net, MySql, SQL Server 2000, C#

Complete front end,CMS and Database development

skills used: ASP.Net, MySql, Javascript, C#

developed but not designed

skills used: ASP.Net, MySql, Database, Javascript, C#

Ecommerce , shopping cart, complete design and development

skills used: ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000, Database, Javascript, C#

Was Senior Analyst/software engineer with Gale Communications from Jan 2001 to Jul 2003, Main responsibilities include Analysis, Development, MIS and implementation of ERP, Assisting Project manager, Conducting training and presentations. Migrating data from existing systems, ( (Visit for gale ERP): Tools used VB 6.0, SQL Server 2000,Crystal Reports 8.5, SQL, T-SQL, DTS Client Server model Also converted into MS-Access2000 and Oracle 8.0 databases. ERP Modules: General Ledger, Sales Order and Receivables, Purchase and Payables, Inventory Management, Cash Management, Production Planning, MPS and MRP, Sales Forecast, Capacity Planning, Routing Management, Machine Management, Costing.

skills used: SQL Server 2000, Database, VB

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Suffolk.
Within United Kingdom.
Would temporarily relocate.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract