Neil Shadrach



A contractor with 30 years experience of software design and development, sixteen as a contractor. Currently working on the implementation of the Small Business Enterprise and Employment act at Companies House in Cardiff including new online forms for Persons of Significant Control and updated ones for Statement of Capital. Previously lead contract resource on redevelopment of NHS Jobs at Jobsite (Perl/Moose/TT). I recently worked on the BBC World Service CMS used to publish in 32 languages and multiple formats including for web, mobile and syndication (Perl/PostgreSQL/XSLT/XML/JSON/Javascript/Java/LDAP). I played a lead role in the development of the Companies House Web and Software (XML) Filing products to implement the substantial changes brought in by the 2006 Companies Act ( Perl/XML/XSLT/XSD/Oracle 10/Javascript ). Before that I redeveloped the existing online forms and website to be bilingual and Unicode-based. I have designed a number of web-based applications written in Perl and Java for BT. These include a Management Information System ( Java/Ant/Tomcat/JDBC/Oracle 9i ) for analyzing historical alarm information, a Guided Action System ( Perl/Oracle/MySQL ) for Networks Operations staff and a system for making in-life updates to Netcool/RAD ( Perl/PostgreSQL/MySQL/AJAX ). I’ve used XHTML, XML, CSS and Javascript as appropriate in the above and other applications and web pages. Prior to working at BT I was a C/UNIX developer for about 8 years.

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Abertawe-Swansea.
Within Wales.
Within United Kingdom.
Would temporarily relocate.
Can telecommute.

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