Neil Henry


Neil has a wealth of experience in B2B and B2C client relations, portfolio management, content services and editorial management. Currently he is a VP at Rock The Deadline and previously a Director of Community at Bright Hub Inc. He acts as a consultant for several SMB to mid-sized companies as an experienced content marketer, writer and editor, web designer (WP) and social media/SEO consultant.

Neil has consulted extensively for companies wanting to expand their online presence, lead generation initiatives and content requirements. He previously managed a network of over 3000 writers and editors at one of the busiest content publishing websites in the world. Neil has industry expertise within IT, Finance and Health for large companies in the UK, US and Australia.

As VP of Creative Services at Rock The Deadline, Neil leads the Creative team to ensure editorial mechanisms, marketing, sales and technology platforms are tailored to deliver business critical operations, brand awareness and strategic partnerships. Responsibility here encompasses all matters pertaining to content marketing services and facilitation of Rock The Deadlines Creative Directors with regards to managing service providers, consultants, industry expert communities and clients.

He understands brand and agency, with a deep pool of resources to deliver online projects across multiple verticals and briefs. Neil positions all parties with the appropriate tools and thought leadership to leverage them and their business as the industry leader in brand awareness through digital content services and marketing.


Posted by Simon Hill (Creative Director), Rock The Deadline

Written testimonial:
Neil is a consummate professional. He is a talented writer, skilled editor and an excellent manager. When it comes to producing content for the web he offers the complete package from SEO to copy writing to promotion. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Posted by Mike Agron (Managing Principal), WebAttract

Written testimonial:
Neil is my "goto" person for anything to do with SEO and beyond. He recently did a very through audit of our site, and I was amazed at his insights for doing some pretty basic things to optimize us being picked up in searches, as well as making our website more user friendly. We're currently doing a complete refresh, and can't wait to see the results after we've implemented his best practices.

Posted by Kim Lloyd (COO), RocktheDeadline

Written testimonial:
Neil Henry is an extremely prolific and proficient writer. His ability to take his technical expertise and tailor it to various audiences is excellent. Neil delivers his work in a timely manner, and works well with any client. I highly recommend Neil.


Bright Hub

Director of Community to over 3000 writers, 40 editors and 10 managing editors. Content creation, social media promotion and SEO optimization for verticals across a large spectrum of fields such as Business, Computing, Education, Environment and Health. Building traffic from 0 to over 20 million viewers per month through a portfolio of over 100,000 articles.

skills used: Director, Content, Consultancy, SEO, SharePoint, Event Management, Project Management, Proofreading, Public Relations, Web Design

Rock The Deadline

Industry lead for technology brand marketing, content services, website creation, SEO and social media action. Content projects for all Enterprise Computing levels of business from SMB to large multi-nationals.

skills used: Web Design, Content Writing, Event Management, Consultancy, Management, Proofreading, Branding, Technical writing, Marketing, Editing

Rock The Deadline

Entire website build (Wordpress) - From team and resource management to content services and branding packages.

skills used: Content, Web Design, Branding, Director, Project Management, Training, Sales, Software Trainer, Technical writing, SEO

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Within Stockport.
Can telecommute.

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