Illustrator/Animator working in After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop with various sets of skills!


I'm an animator and illustrator based in London.
I graduated in Animation in 2010, and since then have been on and off freelancing. I've been animating and illustrating for a few years and have picked up a few extra skills along the way. My main field of work consists of motion graphics, and some digital character animation.

I'm also confident with tracking for VFX, greenscreen removal, and have worked with retouching footage.

Currently working as an animator for a production studio, however I am taking smaller freelance projects that can be done outside of those commitments.


Posted by C. Andros / D. Vaner Linden (Contracted Ken for animation services), D. Vander Lindern Real Estate

Written testimonial:
We hired Ken to create a custom, web-based, 5-minute animation.
We will definitely come back to him for such services in the future and we would not hesitate in recommending him to others with similar needs.
The final product was perfect and Ken was a total pleasure to work with. Thanks Ken, for the opportunity to give a testimonial.


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Can telecommute.

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