Richard Andrews


Sun Certified Java Programmer with project experience as Java developer for the Dresdner Bank's Internet Finance Portal. JSP, EJB and frontend work (HTML and extensive Javascript). Developed a PHP/MySQL E-Invoicing and Customer Managements tool. Before deciding to freelance I was employed as a "Systems Expert" (E-Commerce Developer/Programmer) by unamite GmbH (a daughter company of Accenture). I have been involved fulltime in the IT industry for 3 years and have a University degree. Full details available on request or please see the or for further information.


otyx systems

Design,development and implementation/test of a PHP/mySQL web presence for otyx systems. I developed a new Content Management System (oFAS) that allowed fully configurable content options based on a 2 layer security model. A web based Electronic Invoicing sytem was created as was a fully featured Client/Member management portal with tools for account control, security settings, and facilties for clients to manage and view their current projects with otyx systems.

skills used: JSP, Javascript, PHP, MySql, E-Commerce

Dresdner Bank

For my first release with the Portal I was responsible for developing the JSPs that allowed Corporate Clients to apply for online credit. The following release I was programming JSP and beans for the Currency Trade section of the Portal.
The third release I was responsible for the redesign and programming of a new unified login process for the Portal that need to successfully integrate with the newly developed EJB layer as well as eliminate legacy code from previous releases.

skills used: Java, JSP, Javascript

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Butzbach.
Within Germany.
Would temporarily relocate.
Can telecommute.

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