Paul Holt

Motion Graphics, animation and general graphic design services


I am a dependable, versatile freelance designer with comprehensive experience working within the industry since 1998.
I work as a motion graphic designer and I have spent a significant amount of time creating animations and motion graphics in many different styles for comms, e-learning courses, online presentations and promotions, Outdoor Digital Advertising screens, touch screens and exhibitions. Plus I use Cinema 4D to construct and animate 3D models for digital tutorials and also High Res static image output for printed marketing material.

I also have a strong background in all areas of print, artworking and design for digital and I am not just an experienced client facing creative but I'm also an extremely competent fast designer and I can adapt to new studios and design directions quickly because of my fast, professional and flexible approach.

My rates are very reasonable and I try to be a flexible with my time as possible - to accommodate that ultra tight deadline!


skills used:

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Bath.
Within South West.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract