Mat Gallacher

Full stack .net web and Xamarin developer


Developed multiple applications in Xamarin using native and forms to create cross platform mobile workforce solutions. Provided Xamarin consultancy for Laterooms to investigate the feasibility of migrating their current applications to a single Xamarin Forms solution.

An experienced software architect and developer responsible for a diverse range of solutions ranging from enterprise integrations for Capita and Hermes to high traffic e-commerce sites for Tesco and Next and native mobile applications for Toyota. 


Integrated Skills

Development of the Highwayworx roadworks management app in Xamarin Forms including conversion of the application to use the MVVM framework and extensive map customisation to display road and building overlays on the native mapping platform. The app was developed to work primarily offline and synchronize with WCF based JSON web services but also to allow the user to recall pricing information in real time when connectivity allowed. Redevelopment of the Performance Manager Xamarin Forms application for managing refuse inspection.  Extension of the Xamarin Forms controls to provide an Android Material Design experience across all platforms. Development of a set of WCF APIs for the Performance Manager application to integrate with the OpenText BPM back office service.

skills used:


Creation of a peer to peer communication service over Wifi Direct in Xamarin Android to allow the point of sale devices to synchronise stock levels and simplify device setup without a wifi network.

 Integration of Bluetooth credit card readers and printers into the point of sale application in Xamarin Android.

 Bug fixes and enhancements to the Novostar Xamarin Forms point of sale application.

skills used:


Development of mobile worker apps for the construction industry including job management and defect reporting allowing users to record issues found on site with photos. Development of back end services and administration websites using ASP.NET and Web API

skills used:


Continuing development of the MyVehicle fleet management app using Xamarin Forms. Redesign of the MyVehicle app to modernise the UI. The new design utilises many platform specific renderers and effect to create a consistent Material Design based experience across iOS, Android and UWP.

skills used:


Redevelopment of their existing native consumer apps using Xamarin Forms. This app used multiple custom platform renderers and effects to replicate the native app UI. Creation of a DevOps CI environment using Visual Studio App Centre and using VS App Centre for crash reporting and Firebase for analytics. Upskilling HomeServe staff to support and continue development on the app.

skills used:


Redevelopment of the brand new mobile site in MVC, Bootstrap and Typescript. Responsibility for the sale and clearance sections and optimization of the animations across the whole site.

skills used: C#, Html, JavaScript, jQuery


Development of the cross platform Xamarin application for drivers Development of the management web site for creating and monitoring driver jobs.

skills used: .NET, CSS, C#, ASP.Net, JavaScript, SQL Server, Web Design

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Can telecommute.

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