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I have worked in graphics design, web design and focussed on CSS and DHTML for several years. I now work as a Digital Media Specialist, I am an exceptional conceptual designer specialising in Multimedia (Websites - Ethernet/Internet, PHP, CMS, Print, Branding, and logos,) Creating responsive websites for all platforms and majority devices such as Andriod, Blackberry and iPad/iphones.

Over the past 5years, my main focus has been in digital marketing and branding. Creating and maintaining brand guidelines for the companies I work with. These are ongoing projects that deal with online and off line media.

Using Standard industry software for the creation projects. I also have a technical background in film/animation and utilise this skill in digital film production; my skills extend to from design to project management and coordinating. I am self-motivated, with strong organisational and interpersonal skills. Possessing a creative and flexible manner, I work well within a team and on my own with high standards of accuracy and professionalism.

Working with clients such as: Family Records, 2 Grays Inn, 6 Kings Bench Walk, Thebes Group, Goose Green Primary, Sainsbury, LloydsTSB, Diageo, Jaguar, Haliburton, Philips, Pfizer, AWG, Merrill Lynch, RBS, Reuters, GlaxoWelcome – aka GlaxoSmithKline, Lundbeck International, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Astra, Zeneca, Zorac Boehringer, Losec), Royal Bank of Scotland, Ford, Mirror (newsgroup), ING Direct, Texaco, Royal Bank of England, 3Com most recently Mercedes.

B.A. Hons. Interactive Arts & B.A. Hons. Film /Television/Animation


ITS Bookworms

Job My clients was a small private school that wanted me to design a website, create a strong online presence and develop their social media to become more competitive in their field. With the basic foundation of what the client wanted and what I could achieve I set up a marketing strategy and project profile to achieve the desired result. Out come We started with only 20 children and within 6 months we achieved an attendance rate of over 200 children. Parents and children were satisfied with the service and the client was very happy with my marketing structure, this is an ongoing partnership.

skills used: Project Management, Marketing, Wordpress, Graphic Design, Consultancy


I have recently upgraded and change 9 naturals design to comply with recent changed within web and design. I created the original design for this client in 2002.They are long standing and successful client and I have maintained and upgrades their site over those the past 13 years. 9-Naturals is a natural product company with a difference. When commercial moisturisers and creams did not cater for their clientele in which 9-naturauls found a niche in the market that could cater to the natural side of beauty. 9-natural ingredients are of the highest quality, natural, harmless and beneficial to hair and skin. Harmful chemicals are avoided at all costs and the majority of the ingredients we use are also of food quality. My client wanted e to create a site that was not only pleasing but was fast and responsive so that the users would enjoy the site but also to view, purchase and review with ease

skills used: Web Design, Wordpress, SEO, Graphic Design, Project Management, Xara, Marketing, Logo Design, Photoshop

Tessa Sanderson

Tessa needed a newer, fresher look to her website that had not been maintained for sometime, the designed developed was designed to Tessa specifications. Tessa requested for the design and build of a refreshed content management-based website which is readily editable by her staff members. The design and development of the refreshed web site helped TSFA improve their information gathering, the organisation structure, maintain and improve communication with its partners, and is now a position to differentiate itself from industry rivals. Tessa also required marketing branded products for her recent event at the BeFit and her own brand product of ICAN2. All media materials were branded and designed by NYB

skills used: E-Commerce, Photoshop, Logo Design, Wordpress, PHP, Advertising, Training, Branding , Marketing, Project Management

Melanie Thomas

Melanie is a Professional Fashion Stylist and Consultant and wanted me to design and create a website. I created 3 design look and feels for Melanie who then chose the final design build in WordPress. She requested a light clean feel that was unique in the design of other website created in WordPress. This site was produced as a professional portfolio for Melanie Thomas. She requested a clean design with a simple logo to reflect her style as a ‘stylist’ as a Fashion Stylist and Consultant a design concept was created that was unique and that also reflected her skills to her industry. Project Details: Branding | HTML5 / CSS3 | Information Architecture | Programming | SEO/GoogleAd | Logo Design

skills used: Consultancy, SEO, PHP, Logo Design, Training, CSS, Web Design, Wordpress, Accessibility, SEO

Thebes Group

• Testing the websites and identify any technical problems • Coding AJAX and JQuery backend • PHP coding JavaScript coding • HTML, XHTML HTLM5 and responsive web • Adhering to international web standards and protocols • Understanding and Keeping up with new techniques • Train staff to content manage sites

skills used: Xara, Dreamweaver, Branding, Web Design, Accessibility, Photoshop, Acrobat, Project Management, Wordpress

Lordship lane vets Surgery

Created design look and feel from initial concept to the completed product. Timescale 1 month within budget and on time

skills used: CSS, Xara, jQuery, Project Management, PHP, Wordpress, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, Photoshop


Creating and implementing all SEO and IA conventions ongoing contract for the past 3 years

skills used: Management, Accessibility, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Xara, Marketing, PHP, JavaScript, Illustrator, Database

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Within southwark.
Within Greater London.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

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