Pete McCabe

UK Web Developer


I'm a freelance web designer / developer living and working in Streatham, South London.

I have been a freelance web designer / developer for 10 years and have considerable experience working with PHP and MySQL based sites, and developing front end interfaces from scratch in HTML 5, CSS3 and jQuery.

I have designed and built substantial sites from the ground up and work extensively in Wordpress, Drupal and CakePHP making use of cutting edge HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery and other technologies, and I am comfortable delivering responsive sites.

Clients range in size from small Wordpress builds for other freelancers to complete web app projects for clients such as PayPal and Pure Music.

If you want to discuss a project please drop me an email, or call the number below.

Pete McCabe
07976 705 909


Portfolio Site

I have detailed the build process on most of the key sites I have worked on or built over the last few years as the above link. There are also details of my most recent work below.

skills used: PHP, Html, CSS, jQuery


Winter 2013 WeMakeWebSites required the rapid build from PSD design of two Drupal sites, each fully responsive and sharing certain backend charateristics so as to speed the build. I created all front end HTML and then built the requisite backend with a bespoke them for each and a module to present the necessary elements of each site.

skills used: PHP, Drupal, jQuery, CSS, Html

Great Fridays Agency

Throughout 2013 I collaborated with Great Fridays on a number of Drupal builds for global brands throughout 2012 and 2013. Work covered all aspects of development from front-end work and theming to developing custom modules. I worked extensively within a number of teams and was also a trusted attendee of client meetings. Mark Carrington, Producer, Great Fridays wrote: Pete has been an invaluable member of the project team, extremely committed and always on hand to support the rest of the team. Pete did a great job of accurately translating the business, user and feature requirements into effective technical solutions. He also responded well in a adaptive project environment. Great work, thanks again!

skills used: PHP, Drupal, Html, CSS, jQuery

Everard Photography

October 2013 This bespoke CMS build has been created for designer Adam Ellison, and his client Chris Everard. The site operates as a single page into which content is loaded on the fly using jQuery and AJAX. The site was initially prototyped to the client by Adam using just frontend code, and I have put together a CMS driven verion of the site based on that prototype, matching his code precisely - so what the client signed off on is exactly what has been delivered at the final stage. The client did not want a Wordpress CMS but preferred a bespoke setup that was precisely configured to just manage his content and nothing else. I created a custom CMS build using CakePHP as the framework, and making good use of jQuery to enable drag-and-drop uploading of images, drag-and-drop category management and gallery ordering.

skills used: PHP, Html, jQuery, CSS

The Write Side

March 2013 Tim Sanders asked me to design and build a bespoke Wordpress site site for him to act as both portfolio and blog. He wanted a design that was organised enough to represent the corporate nature of his work but also had enough flair to show off the creative side of his work. The Wordpress theme was built from the ground up, and I put in place various custom content types such as 'testimonials' and 'portfolio items' and adjusted the Wordpress admin so that Tim could easily manage entering and organising special content. In addition I set up various bespoke shortcodes so that Tim could add in buttons and links to files, properly styled, with just a simple code in the CMS.

skills used: PHP, CSS, jQuery, Html

Regan Warner Design

January 2013 Adam Ellison is a print and web front-end designer / coder and we often work together on building sites for his clients - I manage the backend, CMS delivery and he creates the initial prototype. Adam builds his prototypes to exacting standards and signs them off with his client prior to my starting work, so it is vital I properly represent that work in the final CMS. In this case the site was to run off the back of Wordpress, so I built a custom theme from the start, ensuring the final HTML, CSS and jQuery completely matched that of the prototype.

skills used: PHP, Html, CSS, jQuery

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Within Streatham.
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Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

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