Philippa Moore

3D Artist / Generalist

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I'm a London, UK based 3D artist. 13+ years as a 3D generalist has given me experience in a wide range of areas - 3D digital asset creation, VFX, post production and video games, as well as project and team management.

Primary skills: Modeling (assets, character & environment, high and low poly), texturing/UV, shaders, lighting, rendering, illustration and digital image editing, previs/animatics, editing

Also: character skinning and animation, lip-synching;
motion capture; basic rigging;
compositing; match moving; camera tracking; roto/paint;
particles; simulation

Primary software: 3DS Max; Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere; MentalRay; Eyeon Fusion; Xsens MVN; Unity3D
Also (basic): Nuke; PFTrack; Boujou; Realflow; Maya


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