Marco Uccellini

About Me

Email me - - @marcouccellini - muccellini


I am a creative consultant with broad knowledge and skills in several areas of the web design industry, including the following:

- Site Structure Development: UX Design/R&D
- Design & Develop wireframes
- Iterative Prototyping
- Front-End Design & Development
- Writing Web Content

I am always seeking new areas to explore and I enjoy facing new challenges.

I'm available for primarily remote work. Please contact me directly for availability.


Core Spreads

Social media integration, various AdWords campaigns & banner ads, email marketing, and landing page design.

skills used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Html, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Marketing, Web Design


Responsible for the design of a multilingual, fashion-based, online buyer and seller community. - Project Management & Information Gathering - Organise and track details/tasks, provide leadership to the development team - Site Structure Development: UX Design/R&D - Page Template Layout - Develop wireframes - Iterative Prototyping - Online Copy Editing Design: Sketch Prototyping: CodePen/Marvel Project Management: Asana

skills used: Usability, Testing, CSS, Html, Graphic Design, jQuery, PHP, Project Management, Content Writing

SGA Productions

Design and build of a new website for a live events agency with a great set of assets to work with (monkey) and a client with a love and passion for retro plastic items such as etch-sketch, polaroid cameras and viewmasters. A great fun website to work on especially at the ideas and concept stage. I designed and built the whole site from the ground up. The site is built in Flash but an HTML fallback was also built for non Flash devices and browsers without Flash. Recently a Wordpress news page has been seamlessly integrated into the original site, to allow the client to add "Monkey News"

skills used: Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Testing, Wordpress


UI/UX and website design for a currency exchange company based in London. Working closely with the design agency MGA from the initial design process until completion of all the flat PSD designs. Also created live prototypes during the design phase

skills used: Usability, Photoshop


Design and build of a new website for MGA, a design agency based in London. The agency had recently undergone a branding refresh and wanted to inject the new brand ideas into their site. Role I worked on this project from the start including wireframes and initial concepts design right through to, and including, build of the whole site. Working closely with MGA's art director I came up with a fresher approach to display specific portfolio materials for the Our Work section. This not only included the layout of the panels but also required photography of actual printed materials (eg magazine adverts) for the Our Work section. I was keen that all the photography I produced showed the details of the final printed materials rather than just opting for showing a small PDF. During the second phase a blog was tightly integrated using the WordPress engine and creating a custom theme to match the look and feel of the new site.

skills used: Wordpress, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Photography, Web Design, jQuery, Testing

Freelance Design Services

This is a project to redesign my company website showcasing my freelance services – not only was I responsible for the design but I also built the entire site. It is not responsive but I did build a separate mobile version The blog section is driven by WordPress and this is tightly integrated into the main HTML site - this was achieved by creating a custom theme that matched my final design.

skills used: Dreamweaver, Web Design, Photoshop

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract