Earl L. Wiese, Jr.


Over 25 years of proven performance in computer service, programming, system design, customer training, graphic arts, graphic design, and web page development. Skilled in developing curriculum and delivering courses in computer application software, statistical methods, quality philosophies, and basic mathematics. Programming experience in: PDP 8/11 and MC6800 machine language, 8080 and Z80 assembly languages, Basic, Pascal, dBase II & III+. HTML, and JAVA Script. Experienced in the deployment of: Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker, & FrameMaker, Homesite, Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Word), Lotus, WordStar, Windows, SQCpack, Statgraphics, dBase III+, and numerous other software applications and systems. Beta test plan participate since 1979.


Land and Sky


Develped company brand (look/feel) based on companies print literature.

Site still under development.

skills used: Html, Javascript, Photoshop, Editing, Content Writing, Proofreading

Mark Faasuamalie


Developed site look/feel. Created graphics and coded pages/frames.

skills used: Html, Javascript, Photoshop, Editing, Perl, Content Writing, Proofreading

iSleep, Inc.


Web and Graphics Design. Created/modified graphics and coded html/asp pages

skills used: Html, Javascript, Photoshop, Editing, Proofreading

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Lincoln.
Within Nebraska.
Within United States of America.
Would temporarily relocate.
Would permanently relocate.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract