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Rudolf Boogerman, founded Raboo Design in 1979. As a professional freelance graphic designer and visual artist, he has worked for publishers and advertising agencies, where he acquired extensive knowledge on an array of disciplines related to visual communication; creating roughs, logo design, lay-out, illustrations, posters and book design. In 1995, he made his first multimedia project for Agfa, a thirteen minute sales tool for software on CD that is now used worldwide in all Agfa divisions. When the real boom on the Internet began in Europe (around 1997), he created an award winning art site for its design and usability. Rudolf wrote numerous tutorials for WSN TV 75, a global multimedia company.


Emmaus, Belgium

A 20 minute presentation to give an overview of the many services/departments of Psychiatric Center Bethanië, part of the group EmmaÌs. Rudolf created the Flash animation with images, text, voice-over and music. The presentation was produced on CD and the internet. You can review a small version of the presentation. Audio: Wim Rodgers Voices: Peter Verhulst, Lies Klinkers

skills used: Image editing, Photoshop, Javascript, Flash, Illustrator


An interactive introduction to THOTH UK Ltd, advertising agency on CD. We created the whole concept, based on the idea of the art director from THOTH. We decided that we wanted to work with Flash, because later on, it would be used on the web as well. But because Flash in general produces rather slick sterile animation, I decided to make the drawings on paper and use bitmapped images rather then vectorial ones, so that the whole had a warmer feel to it. Later on, we created the small website with the Flash introduction included. See also

skills used: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Html


Interactive tutorial and showcase for the IntelliTune prepress software of AGFA, used worldwide by their departments to promote the system to newspaper publishers. We developped the complete concept, including animation and video editing/conversion, voice-over, etc.. Design by Fingerspitz Belgium.

skills used: Director, Photoshop, Illustrator


Interactive sales tool for the Apogee integrated pdf system of AGFA on CD, used wordlwide by all departments of AGFA. We developped and produced the whole concept, Design interface by Fingerspitz Belgium, soundtrack by Jan Vanrooy.

skills used: Director, Photoshop, Illustrator

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