Daniel Waldron

Content Creation Expert


12 years+ a content creator, blogs, website copy, landing pages, white papers, news reports... You name it I've written it. I specialise in a variety of niches across the B2B and B2C arenas including immigration, digital signage, mobile apps, film industry courses, camping and more. I'm a Huffington Post contributor and a regular blogger for Digital Signage Today. I'm UK-based, living in the best city in the country... Wolverhampton. I serve 122 clients locally, nationally and internationally. I'm equipped to serve you. Drop me an email contact@writehouse.co.uk... Here are some reviews of my work https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.writehouse.co.uk


Creative Media Skills


Based at the home of British film, Pinewood Studios, Creative Media Skills tasked me with a complete re-write of the company's film industry course descriptions to 'make them sell.' Meeting with the directors, I toured the facility and the studios to get a real sense of what the company was about. The project involved extensive research, with a total of 60 courses in need of a refresh. The project lasted about 3 months.

skills used: Content Writing, Copywriting, Creative Writing

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Can telecommute.

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