Renette van der Merwe

Freelance Copywriter


I'm a capable and highly organised individual with experience in content creation for the food, fashion and music
industry. Including, but not limited to:

- Planning and executing engaging blog campaigns to increase sales and connect with readers.
- Coordinating with venue marketing managers to create social media posts to widen the reach of the blog content we’re producing.
- Getting in touch with regular club promotors to update press releases and press shots to keep the listings on our website as relevant as possible means there is also an element of press relations.
- Writing copy for and building e-flyers for the e-marketing team when necessary.
- Writing engaging blog posts for fashion & music websites
- Album & live music reviews



Please feel free to look at my online portfolio, for all my writing work.

skills used: Writing, Wordpress, Content Writing

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within London.
Within London.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract