Scott Forest

UX Designer / Front End Developer / Web Developer / Project Lead


Heavily experienced in building both public and internal facing websites, applications and cloud-based software solutions. My knowledge and experience in the industry of working for a wide range of client types allows me to deliver (be this as sole project lead or leading a team) results to suit the client requirements, on budget where possible.

My natural knack for UX design has allowed me to dig a little deeper than the traditional 'website build' over the past few years and take the time to be able to focus on the UI and the UX of a product or application and offer immediate ideas and consultancy on ways to improve and further develop interfaces with the view of the target audience in mind.

I work to deliver semantic, accessible, and organically search-engine optimised code that is cross-browser, cross platform, cross-device at all times. The end result is typically more sustainable, easier to follow and more robust for both backwards compatibility and future progression.

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Cambridge.
Within East Anglia.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract