Mike Knowles

Mike Knowles is an Internet & systems developer


I am a skilled ASP developer with nearly 2 decades of experience in the IT industry. My career started in 1988 performing data-entry for a software house and progressed through other roles including installations work and support. In the late 90s I started developing online quote systems for the insurance industry, and launched the first comparative insurance system ever used online in the UK. I have run teams of both support operators and web programmers and am currently employed as a systems developer for a large online insurance brokers where I am responsible for all aspects of internet development. I handle the companyâ€'s web and SQL servers and design & code our online applications. I liaise with many of the UK'€™s largest insurance aggregators, such as MoneySupermarket.com, and design systems to allow them to integrate with our web site. My depth of experience in designing online quotation and application forms means I am capable of designing user friendly and accessible web sites. My interest in freelance work is mainly in expanding my experience outside of my usual remit.


Quoteline Direct


I am currently employed full time to design, build and maintain this website. All the online quotation systems were built by me. The site is optimized for SEO with the help of a 3rd party agency. I am also responsible for all aspects of systems integration including outbound dialler loading etc.

skills used: Html, AJAX, ASP, VBScript, SQL, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, XML, CSS, Database

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Manchester.
Within Lancashire.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

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