James Ducker

Automated typesetting is what we do!


Setfast are prepress experts who take on typesetting and artworking projects of all sizes. The development team's latest innovation — the automated typesetting system SetFast allows the customer to sit back and watch the work do itself at lightning speed. SetFast sets the pace for the future of typesetting. Setfast also offer project management, printing/mailing, design and editorial services to make sure they always offer a complete comprehensive service to their customers. SetFast™ is an innovative automated typesetting system pioneered by SetFast, developed in collaboration with the advertising, creative and publishing industries. The system performs all the tasks of a professional typesetter or mac operator but completely automatically, following a predetermined set of rules. The basic system is intuitive: once templates are set up most users require no training at all. Many larger organisations prefer bespoke versions of the SetFast™ system to slash production time on specific recurring publications. A system installed at a London publishers now produces in four hours a directory that previously took twelve weeks, this is just one example of what Setfast can achieve.

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