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I'm a freelance communications specialist. I design and produce unique content for print and digital communication, primarily in the form of copywriting, photography and video production. I'm currently on a retainer with the Eden Project's digital team, but I also produce diverse content for a variety of other clients who predominantly use my work for content marketing. I also work as a digital communications consultant and as a project manager.

I have produced content that has been published by Saltyard Books, The Times, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Metro, and The Wall Street Journal to name a few.

I’m also an experienced project manager with a background in design, production, sales and import & export. I champion high standards of communication, visually appealing and meaningful content, aimed specifically at target audiences that deliver real business benefits.

I understand the challenges of a large, complex organisation as well as the priorities and pressures of smaller businesses where resources may be limited but there’s still a need for the delivery of high quality communications.

I work with diverse groups that include CEOs, directors, designers, journalists and web developers in the UK, India & The Far East. This experience gives me a unique advantage in being able to communicate effectively with all stakeholders, enabling me to successfully manage and deliver projects.


Posted by Professor Stephen Frankel (Chair of the Board of Directors), Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network

Written testimonial:
Shayne has made a highly significant contribution to bringing WREN's activities to the attention of a wider audience through his management of our digital communication channels, from digital publishing, to the use of social media to engage with our ever growing audience online. The notice that WREN has attracted nationally and internationally is largely attributable to Shayne's exceptional capacity.

On a more personal level, he is an ideal colleague through being insightful, supportive, quick to appreciate where his input is required, as well as completely dependable and reliable. One never has to question whether or not a task will be done on time and to the highest standards. I could not recommend anyone in his field more highly.

Posted by Mikey Koskela (Managing Director), Seed Surf Co.

Written testimonial:
Shayne has been indispensable to Seed Surf Co. His creative flair in the realm of print and digital communication knows no bounds! He continues to be a huge asset, and I can always rely on him whenever I need his assistance.

~ Mikey Koskela, Managing Director, Seed Surf Co

Posted by Clare Howdle (Partner, ), Stranger Collective

Written testimonial:
Whenever I need someone with technical skills that match their creative thinking, I call on Shayne. He's a rare find - someone who knows how to create impactful, quality work, with sound strategic thinking behind it. Not to mention his can-do attitude, professional approach and general positive outlook. Always a pleasure.

Posted by Jim Sennett (Director), Campaign

Written testimonial:
I hired Shayne as a Digital Communication Consultant to help Campaign Paintball Park get to grips with our marketing needs. I can highly recommend Shayne, he is personable, displays patience in sharing his expertise, and he's a very creative thinker.

~ Jim Sennett

Posted by Sarah Spiegler-Williams (Visitor & Education Officer), Carrick Leisure Ltd.

Written testimonial:
I was blown away by Shayne's enthusiasm and drive. The digital promotion and creative use of social media that Shayne facilitated was indispensable. Also the professionalism and flexibility that he displayed whilst we worked together made an exciting but stressful new venture much easier, and the value-add for the project was priceless.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Shayne and I hope that we can continue the working relationship for other projects in the future.

Posted by Martin Dorey (Writer, copywriter, TV presenter), Copy Monkey Limited

Written testimonial:
Shayne is a digital marketing expert with both design and copywriting expertise. However he also possesses other qualities that are often in short supply elsewhere. He cares about what he does and the way he does it, isn’t afraid to stick his neck out and is a great bloke to work with. I was thrilled when he agreed to supply some copy and expertise for my new book, The Camper Van Coast, and he rose to the occasion brilliantly with some top notch bits of information. We liked it so much, in fact, that it has become a feature of each and every chapter. So, the long and short of it is, if you’re not going to hire me, hire him.

Posted by Caroline Pedler (Illustrator / Artist. Events organisation /curator), Caroline Pedler Illustrator / Artist

Written testimonial:
I’ve known Shayne for a few years now and we've worked together on various projects. He’s a great facilitator of creative print and digital ventures and he never fails to come up with the goods in the most creative and surprising way. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again. He makes a great cup of tea too!

~ Caroline Pedler, MA, Illustrator-Artist.


Eden Project

I am on a retainer with the Eden Project's digital team. I also regularly work with other departments who commission me for special projects.

skills used: Video, Video Production, Final Cut Pro, Project Management, Consultancy

Northcliffe Digital Media

Digital Publisher.

skills used: Copywriting, Content, Content Writing, Photography, Journalism, Video, Video Production, Final Cut Pro, Project Management

Saltyard Books

Contributing writer to Martin Dorey's second book - The Campervan Coast - published April 2012 by Saltyard Books.

skills used: Copywriting, Content, Content Writing, Editing, Proofreading

The Times

Video Production - Exclusive for The Times Online.

skills used: Video, Video Production, Content, Final Cut Pro, Photography

Carrick Leisure

Corporate Video Production and Digital Communications Consultancy / Project Management.

skills used: Video, Video Production, Final Cut Pro, Consultancy, Project Management

The Metro

Article writing.

skills used: Copywriting, Photography, Content, Content Writing, Journalism

Animal Surf Academy

Video Production for Animal Surf Academy.

skills used: Video, Video Production, Project Management

Stranger Collective

Producing a series of photographs and videos for Stranger Collective's clients.

skills used: Video, Video Production, Photography, Consultancy, Project Management

Tea Appreciation Society

In 2007 I co-founded the Tea Appreciation Society, with designer Stephen Nelson, in celebration of the humble cup of tea and it's symbiotic relationship with the creative human spirit. I started the Tea Appreciation Society blog in 2008. As digital content manager of the website I create, select and edit features that are relevant, and will engage our online audience that now exceeds 450,000 people. I'm responsible for digital communication with this audience through a combination of channels that include the website:, facebook, twitter and e-newsletter. I am Director of Tea Appreciation Ltd.

skills used: Director, Project Management, Copywriting, Content, Writing, Content Writing, Photography

Seed Surf Company

Lifestyle & Product Photography. Digital Communications Consultancy. Video Production.

skills used: Consultancy, Photography, Video, Video Production, Content, Content Writing, Copywriting

Greene & Heaton (Literary Agent)

Today, there is a tea renaissance the world over. Hip and fashionable, and underlined by amove towards a healthier lifestyle, tea has replaced coffee as the drink of choice for young urbanites everywhere. The Book of Tea is the first title wired into this new generation of tea drinkers. Written by (me) Shayne House, co-founder of the Tea Appreciation Society, it provides an immensely stylish guide, from the philosophy of tea and the key moments in the history of the noble leaf to throwing the perfect tea party. I am currently discussing options for this book with a publisher. I am represented by literary agents Greene & Heaton.

skills used: Copywriting, Photography, Project Management, Content, Content Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Writing

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