Simon Kohli


I have five years solid experience of web design and development with HTML and CSS and two years as a web developer in which I have developed my programming skills in PHP and Javascript, jQuery and Coldfusion, and improved my CSS and HTML. Most of my work over the past two years has been installing, templating and customising content management systems including Wordpress, Drupal and X-cart for e-commerce, but I also spent about 7 months developing custom web applications in object-oriented (OO) PHP and Javascript/jQuery and 4 months on a custom web application in Coldfusion. I also learnt to use Plesk, Phpmyadmin and other common tools for setting up databases, domains and email.

My last role was with Imperium Solutions as a PHP Developer working on their main product, an online prospectus publishing and distributing system. I gained experience of pair programming on one keyboard there, improved my OO PHP, Javascript/jQuery and Ajax, Apache configuration, and spent a couple of weeks working on a Zend PHP based application. I also did their website in Wordpress for the product:

• Prospectus Upload -

Before that I completed a 7 week rolling contract for Tag, an international design and media production agency, working as a Backend Drupal developer and working on several of their client's websites including:

• Marketing Society -
• Santander -
• Speedo Sculpture -
• Well Well Well Inc -
• Santander E-zine -

I have achieved the Diploma in Computing from the Open University which is for two years of full-time study. I completed Open University modules in Open Source development, PHP, MySQL and Visual Basic (ASP.NET version using the Visual Studio 2008 Express IDE, but the course focused on desktop software development rather than websites), Java and learnt to use the Netbeans IDE, this is very useful for PHP and Javascript also. I have been using Netbeans in my current job for PHP and Javascript development. was a complex site in Drupal that I worked on for three months, where I learnt to use hook functions in the template to make changes to core and contributed modules. During this process I have thoroughly learnt how to work with the Drupal CMS. I worked on a custom module in collaboration with a more experienced developer in Canada. This work was done all by instant messaging, email and the occasional phone conversation.

Sales Calculator Application, 2010
I single-handedly worked on an internal project to the Managing Director's specification, to develop a Sales Calculator web application in object-oriented PHP and Javascript using the MVC design pattern for the business.

This is a complex application that sets up Sales Agents selling web and print with logins, allows them to make a complex quote for a customer's website and print requirements with many options like whether they want hosting, design and coding, which CMS, how many products, how many pages, whether they want SEO, backlinking etc, and prints this quote off as a pdf or formatted web page for copy and pasting.

It uses Ajax and jQuery plugins/libraries for a couple of features including providing a rich text box for text entry and sortable columns. The application automatically calculates the agent's percentage of the fee and the agent can apply a markup to the minimum fee, which receives a greater percentage, with different percentages and markups for print work.

This is all saved in the backend for the admin to view and see sales figures for each agent. The admin can set all the prices linked to each option and the agent's percentage, add, edit or delete agents, edit quotes created by agents and also view all quotes, even ones deleted by the agent. I created a MySQL database to save all this and also much Javascript and Ajax to control the movement between pages. - I coded the template into the Wordpress CMS and set up the menu system and the rotating banner - I coded the template, set up the menu and designed the inner product pages for this site which uses the X-Cart CMS. - I coded the template in Wordpress, coded the products using plugins so the client could add and edit the products. I coded an interface with E-bay Motors Pro website so the client could upload a product with one-click to their E-bay Motors Pro site. - I coded the template in Wordpress and set up a search of the products. I also set up a separate template for printing. – installed wordpress, coded the template, added many plugins for functionality including events listing and newsletter management.